Guest Post: Why Self Storage?

Why Self-Storage?

Beatle mania exploded in the USA in the 1960s – the same decade that self-storage units first achieved widespread recognition and popularity stateside.

Whilst a passion for personal storage took longer to cross the Atlantic eastwards than the Fab Four did westwards, current trends indicate that the craze has invaded British shores, and is very much here to stay. There are currently over 800 self-storage centres in the UK, which is more than the rest of Europe put together. The lengths of time people use self-storage for are constantly increasing too; according to the UK Self Storage Association, self-storage facilities were rented for an average of 56 weeks by businesses, and 27 weeks by individuals, in 2013.

There are many theories as to why self-storage is  so popular. Some say it’s a testament to the hoarding habits of human beings. But society has always been home to hoarders, since time immemorial – in truth, the popularity of self-storage can be attributed to a number of different factors.

For a start, self-storage solutions are tremendously useful when you’re moving house – and not just in the move itself. When estate agents show potential buyers round your home, it helps for there to be very little untidiness on display – if the dimensions of your home look as spacious and accommodating as possible, this can result in increased buyer interest, and higher offers being laid on the table.

Furthermore, self-storage is a must if you’re a jetsetter, or constantly on the move. On the other hand, if you’re only temporarily departing your home (for instance, during a long summer holiday, or during renovation work), self-storage is also a vital solution. Whether you’re leaving Britain’s shores for work or pleasure, and whether you’re maintaining a base of your own whilst you’re away or not, having your treasured belongings in a safe, secure environment will ensure peace of mind on the road. If you’re emigrating for an extended period, or if you don’t need to access your possessions while they’re in storage, costs can be very low too, as long as you spring for a compact unit that’s replete with maximised vertical storage space, for stacking treasures high. If you’re not going away for long, or if you’ll need to retrieve items on return visits, renting a roomier storage space that offers scope for reorganisation makes more sense.

In heavily peopled cities, where living spaces are often compact and pricey, self-storage can also be a vital extension of the home; much like a garden shed or loft conversion. You can visit storage spaces at your leisure, the range of sizes available can cater for any number of individual needs, and the comprehensive security measures (such as 24 hour guards, CCTV and alarms) boasted by the best facilities mean you can always be sure your unit’s contents are both protected and monitored. The crème de la crème  of self-storage providers will even be able to give you a quote for storage over the phone or online, ensuring you only pay for the space you need, and advising you on the most secure way to store your belongings.

In conclusion, put simply, using self-storage is more than about practicality or functionality – it’s about ensuring peace of mind, and liberating yourself from the stresses and pressures of preserving possessions. With your valuables under lock and key, and with watchful eyes safeguarding them, you’re free to live your life how you choose, whether at home or abroad.



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