Guest Post: Why Choose Man & Van Hire?

There are many solutions on the market available to people who wish to move their possessions (and perhaps themselves) to a particular location, be it a new place of residence or office, or anywhere at all!

In recent years, man & van hire has increasingly become a popular and trusted means of moving and removal operations by families, businesses and individuals nationwide. By now, most people will be familiar with the basic concept – after all, man and van services do exactly what it says on the tin! Plain and simple, they provide you with a moving van and a moving man, who will take you and/or your cargo to a destination, or destinations, of your choosing.

However, many people are still looking to other sources for moving and removal services – and we can’t fathom why! Maybe it’s because people believe that man & van hire is at the pricier end of the moving solutions spectrum.

However, this is not the case – man and van services represent the cheap and extremely cheerful removal option. We implore readers to conduct some market research of their own, either via web or telephone. We can guarantee that you’ll be amazed at how affordable the prices of many removal firms are!

Don’t fall into the trap of thinking that the higher rates of larger, professional moving chains equate to high quality services. The best man with a van companies easily match the quality of the biggest firms and conglomerates.

The best man and van firms will be able to modify and shape their services around the customer and their specific circumstances, rather than expecting patrons to adapt to them. The truly conscientious, who are genuinely dedicated to customer satisfaction and care, will take into consideration personal budgetary realities, and offer a bespoke package which is affordable and offers value for money.

Some firms even pledge to match or undercut the competition – meaning you’ll effectively be able to dictate what you pay for their services! Truly, man and van hire is one of the most – if not the most – cost-effective removal solutions available. The best moving solutions are a right, not a privilege – and you shouldn’t have to pay through the nose to access them!

People might also be attracted to the ‘DIY’ option – i.e. renting a removal van and conducting a job themselves. However, man with van services still come up trumps in comparison.

For a start, many van rental companies demand that renters have entirely points free licenses. Almost 10% of UK residents have some points on theirs, which means van rental is simply not an option for this group.

Other van rental companies also impose stringent fiscal penalties on customers for late van return – an added worry on an already stressful moving day you could well do without (to say nothing of the unnecessarily squandered capital you’ll be forced to endure if you fall afoul of their regulations!).

Also, if you rent yourself, you’ll have to be constantly fretting over the state of the van – again, you will certainly be fined by the company for scratches, dents and chips. The real bonus with man and van hire, though, is that you are supplied with a strapping and experienced mover and driver, who knows the roads well, and is a dab hand at packing, and can help you out with any heavy lifting.

Moving is demanding enough without the supplementary anxiety of finding a professional removal service which won’t charge you a king’s ransom. We strongly recommend readers go the man and van route for 100% satisfaction every time!

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