Guest Post: Various Aspects of Storage that Need to be Assessed Before You Do Anything

Storage is a difficult thing to get your head round sometimes. It basically allows you to live beyond your means, a little like credit. It can be viewed as a valuable service that allows you to spend a bit of money on a little extra space, or time to work out what you are doing with things that you don’t need, but in reality, it also means that you are paying to carry on owning something that you do not use, and that you have already paid for!

On top of this is the idea that you may end up selling the items that you stored, which will have decreased in value significantly, despite you have poured more money into holding on to them for a little while longer. The fact of the matter is, unless you can see your self realistically using the things that you are planning on storing in the next year or less, then you should probably avoid the serious expenses that storage can bring about, in favor of just selling things straight away, and saving that cash to buy new stuff when you may need it! Second hand things can always be had for decent prices, so why burden yourself with lugging stuff to and from storage, when you could save money otherwise?

If you are looking to store things long term, and are pretty sure that you’ll be needing them again, then perhaps look elsewhere than the well trodden path of self storage. You will no doubt have heard of crate storage, but given as it is not that widely used for domestic storage purposes, it may not have crossed your mind as an option. This method sees your items packed in to a crate, which may well be delivered to your property to be filled.

The crate is nailed shut, and delivered back to the warehouse, where it is stacked with thousands of other crates. Whilst this stacking makes accessibility difficult, it also improves the security, and makes the rent a lot cheaper, in that the warehouse can fit many more crates in, than they would self storage units. You may have to pay a small charge and book to see your items, but if you can keep that to a minimum then the savings are well worth it.

If you feel like crate storage is too permanent a solution for your storage needs, and you only need easy access storage for a short while, then mobile storage may be an option. Whilst it can be rather unsightly, there are a great many positives to be found in having a storage unit on your own property,and this is exactly what mobile storage is. Much like a skip, there is a charge for drop off and pick up, but the rental otherwise is pretty low. You will find that they are easily as secure as a self storage unit, and are obviously very much more accessible than either of the other two options.

Whilst storage may not be the best for the reasons that it is most commonly used, those of not really knowing what to do, and not being bothered to work it out, there are options that fill the exact requirements of those who need storage for more productive uses. Long term storage in crates is cheaper, easier and more secure, whilst short term access in mobile storage is perfect for redecorating or house staging.

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