Guest Post: Top Storage Tips!

Sometimes moving house can be a daunting process. You will be concerned that there are things that you have missed out on your to do list, and remembering at the last minute can put you in a real flap! If you are concerned about such an occasion, then there are a few tips to keep in mind whilst you are setting out on your move, which should keep you on the straight and narrow.


1. Planning well will set you in great stead for the whole move. Starting early and knowing that you have everything sorted will put you in a position where you can set out a plan and just relax about the whole thing, rather than freaking out that things are going wrong without you realizing. It is essential that you do start early, because then you will have time to get everything completely sorted. Being stuck for time usually leads to panic, and this will usually result in you throwing money at a problem to make it go away. For instance, if you have not started early enough, and you realize too late that you have not sorted out a storage unit, then you will be more inclined to get the first one that you find, which will rarely be the cheapest option. Bargains take a certain amount of searching, so it is well worth giving yourself the time to do so.


2. Draw up a plan for the move day itself. Everyone will be planning out the time leading up to the move, but having a plan for the actual day is a step that can be extremely useful. This means things like when to put the kettle on and suggest a tea break to get the movers on side, and also planning out when you would ideally want to have got moving by. This kind of plan can come in conjunction with a plan of the new place, which you can sketch the placement of the larger items in to. This will mean that your movers can place everything where it needs to go without having to ask you every time. The fact of the matter is, that if they are carrying a heavy sofa or a fridge, and you are all the way upstairs, then the movers are not going to want to wait around for you to tell them where things are going, and will likely just dump everything where they can, in order to speed the process up, and save their tired arms! This will mean that you end up having to move things on your own, or get them to later, which will be a pain either way. Labeling the rooms in the new house with names corresponding to the names on your boxes will mean that boxes go to the right rooms straight away, saving you more time in the long run.

When packing it is best to start early, as rushing it will only really result in breakages. If you get bored of doing long days of packing, you will almost definitely start doing a worse job as time goes on. Packing is really, really boring, but it is essential that it is done well, as otherwise you will definitely end up with smashed up items. Putting wrapping between more fragile items will prevent rubbing or shattering, which is completely unpreventable once the box is taped up and put in the van. Starting well in advance with the packing will give you time to divide this tedious task up into small sessions, so that your concentration does not slip.

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