Guest Post: Tips on Office Relocation

Before the Move
Office relocation can be an extremely stressful event for a company to have to go through. After all, it can be quite a lot different from a domestic removals job. In order for your company to continue to be productive, it is essential that everything goes according to plan. There are so many things to think about and do at this time that it may seem an impossible task. That is why we have compiled these easy tips for you to consider when you are doing your office removals. Here, we focus on the things that you need to get right before you move.

Arrange Visitations
To ensure that you get the very best deal for your office relocation, it is essential that you shop around. Contact a few local firms after conducting some initial research and then invite the selected companies to view your old and new office spaces. This will give the companies an idea of the job in hand and help them to provide you with a free estimate. Keep these quotations so that you can compare them and also to give you leverage in asking for a better price.

Ensure Your Moving Company Are the Right One
Because offices are often full of important items such as computers and storage systems, you will need a removals company who are used to doing such work. Ask relevant questions about your move and enquire whether they have done this type of work much before. Ask for references and ensure that they know what needs to be done in order to get the very best office removals results. By asking questions like these at such an early stage, you can ensure that you have the very best office relocations firm working for you.

Measure Up
Visit your new premises and draw up a flooring plan, measuring every square inch of your new space. By doing this, you can ensure that all of your old furniture and equipment will fit comfortably in your new office. Not only that but you will undoubtedly get a better idea of what needs to go where when you actually come to move. It is only more stressful when you have no idea where all of your furniture and other items need to go so this step is essential for a quick and easy office removals job.

Get Connected
Businesses live or die by how effectively they communicate. Because of this, it is vital that you have already arranged for your new office to be hooked up to the internet and phone lines well in advance of the move in date. Relocating your office is hard enough and causes enough disruption as it is, without the added stress of not being able to access the internet or receive phone calls. Remember, that it can sometimes take weeks for internet and phone companies to set up your network, so always plan this step well in advance to ensure a smooth transition.

Talk to Your Staff
Moving offices always causes quite a lot of upheaval, so when you come to plan your new look office, talk to your staff and get input into your new design. Having a workforce who are happy with their environment is essential for any business, so asking their opinions on the new office layout is a great idea. Once everything has been decided upon, your staff will feel minimal disruption as they already know what to expect from the office move. They will know where they will be working and so will get to work straight away.

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