Guest Post: The Evolution of Modern Logistics Parks

Proper transportation is very important for the success of most companies. Most companies need to buy raw materials. They will want these raw materials to be transported to the manufacturing plant. They will then want the finished product to be transported to the warehouse. Finally, they will want the products to be transported to the various retailers.

There are a number of transportation levels as well as warehousing levels. This can be very costly for the business. The increased commutation and storage costs will be transferred to the end consumer. It will also affect the profits that the company makes. Therefore, the company will need to hire a qualified logistics team to handle this. They will need a logistics park for more organized storage and warehousing. There is a huge difference between traditional warehouses and modern logistics parks.

Modern warehouses have a higher capacity. Traditional warehouses were very small. This compelled businesses to store their goods in several warehouses. However, modern logistics parks have more storage space. They also have larger containerization units. This significantly reduces the freight quote that the company will be given for transportation and storage.

Better technology

Traditional warehouses did not have the technology to effectively manage storage and transportation. Luckily, modern logistics parks have the technological solutions to solve all the storage and transportation problems. They have technological security systems and arrangements. They have better labelling for packing of goods.

They have a better mechanism for tracking goods. They therefore help the freight company to manage time and to minimize losses with the help of practical and cost effective solutions.

Better storage conditions

Traditional storage units were built for storage and not protection. They were often left in very poor condition. They had moss and pests that could easily damage the goods. They also did not have mechanisms that could protect the goods in cases of rough weather.

However, modern logistics parks are state of the art facilities. They are very clean and well maintained. They ensure that the goods are stored safely, and that they leave the warehouse in the best condition possible.

More value added services

Previously, people would store goods in warehouses and take care of everything else by themselves. This included clearing customs and managing other liabilities. The goods could stay in the warehouse for days. This would be an extra cost for the owner.

However, logistics parks have an extra value added service for their customers. They can help their clients with such processes. This will make it easier for the customer to get their goods out of the storage unit so that they can transport them to where they are needed.

Logistics parks are constantly evolving. They are trying hard to ensure that their clients get better value for their money. This is by providing efficient and cost effective services to their customers. They are especially perfect for large scale transportation management.

This is especially the case with a freight company that transports goods over very long distances. With their help, these companies will get practical and cost effective solutions to their storage problems.

About the Author

Mark Long is a logistics consultant who works with a big freight company. He has been in the industry for a long time, and he has seen how modern logistics parks have evolved. They have reduced transportation costs, and therefore companies that use them will get a lower freight quote from their transportation company.

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