Guest Post: The Big Move. Selecting A Removals Company

The most important part of a removal is the removals company. Alongside planning and preparation, these guys are the bread and butter of the process, and will make your life a whole lot easier if you are clever about selecting the perfect firm for your needs. A little thought towards how the company is with you on the phone, and some advice from previous customers will put you in good stead towards making a decision, but so will knowing exactly what you want from your company, so have a look at the following pieces of advice about how to ensure that you are making the right choice in the matter.


So, what do you need? There are tons of options out there for different removals services, from a man and van to get a few bits and pieces from A to B, to a full service that includes packing for a mansion removal to another country, and everything in between. There really is no limit to what a good removals firm can do for you, so have a think about your budget and what you would ideally want. This means thinking about how much time you have for your normal life as well as just the monetary side of things. Sure, a full packing service is going to cost you a fair bit extra, but will it free you up to work more often, and therefore make you more money? Also consider your family life and the removal’s impact on that; will you have time to spend with your children, friends, and relaxing on your own? These are all important things that have equal weight to the cost of a move.


Once you have both your requirements in terms of service, and the dates for your move set in place, then you can set off on looking for a removals company. The list will be endless, so whittle down your selection by only looking at companies in your area. This will make things easier by way of initial travel as well. Then you can call around and find out who is available on the dates that you need, and who can give you the services that you require. This will further whittle down the list until you have a shortlist of those who can do the job for you.


You will likely get a good idea of how well a removals team is going to behave by the way in which you converse with them. You can’t go through the stresses of a move with a foreman who is gruff and irritable, so listen out for any tell tale signs on the phone. Look up each company that you are considering on the internet to see if there are any reviews about them. Many reviews sites will give an overall score out of ten and then more in depth personal reviews from the previous customers themselves. This can be a wealth of information as you are hearing the facts from the horse’s mouth, and you can fully trust them because all of these independent sites are impartial. Avoid reading quotes on the company’s actual website, as these will always be positive, and sometimes fictional!


Once you have a few favorites you can go round to each company and get a quote for your move, which will then give you a pretty clear idea as to how well each service suits your needs and budget.


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