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As exciting as moving to university can be, there’s no doubt it causes a lot of stress too, not only for you but for your parents and anyone else involved in the ‘big move’ too. What they don’t tell you is that all of the bags, boxes and the over packed car journeys are all avoidable hassles. Especially for students living a long distance from their university and therefore renting storage space should definitely be a considered option.

There is a false concept in most people’s minds that renting storage space is an expensive business to get in to but with more and more companies acknowledging the need for student renting, particularly over the summer holidays, there are a  number of student deals set up to help you out financially. If these deals still aren’t within your allocated budget, you can always double up with a friend and share the price between you. You can rent this space for as long or short term as you like for your convenience. These companies are very simple to use, you can pay for a certain square foot you require instead of a room or locker of a set standard size. This way you won’t be spending your savings on literally nothing more than a waste of space.

From the moment you set foot into your university life, I guarantee one of the biggest warnings you’re given is ‘keep all of your belongings secure, thieves will take anything they can get their hands on.’ This is very true and is something you should remember not only for your time as a student, but for the rest of your life too. Storage companies will all have their own security measures and they will all vary. Not only do most of them have 24/7 surveillance, but they will also offer you an independent insurance deal for all of your belongings for that extra bit of security and help put your mind at ease. You are the only one to have access to your space so no one can get in or out without the all clear from you. Having restricted access to your possessions is a common concern for many people, however this is a misconception as for most of the time, you are able to go into storage 7 days a week to pick up anything you may need and drop off anything you don’t.

Now you’ve probably gone along and noticed quite a large drawback to this whole storage concept. To get your things to and from the location, you still have to collect those boxes, load up your car and take that treacherous journey all cramped up in your over packed vehicle, which is the exact thing we were trying to avoid in the first place. Conveniently enough, they’ve thought of that too! For a small fee, there are a number of options of hiring both removal packaging such as boxes and bubble wrap as well as a van to take all of your belongings to and from your storage location. All of this is sorted out by the same company that are offering you your storage space so there is no confusion in any part of transporting your possessions. Why get a number of companies involved and make things complicated when you could get it all sorted by just one?

So before you move all of your things back home this summer, give self-storage a quick look over and see if there’s anything that catches your eye, there are a lot of options out there and a lot of good offers for students just like you.


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