Guest Post: Storing Paintings

There are some occasions when you simply need a safe place to store valuable possessions. If you feel that your home is not that safe and it cannot accommodate all the precious belongings you have, it’s time to consider a self-storage option. Some of the most valuable things you could store are paintings and works of art. These are not only expensive, but they are also quite vulnerable to the changes in the environment and if you are not careful enough, they can easily get damaged. You cannot keep paintings in a room that you live in, or worse, in the garage among all the rest of your collectables. Even if the painting is packed in a quality cardboard box, it’s still not safe enough. There are many materials used when creating a painting – various layers of paint, varnish, preparation layers, fibreboard support material and more. All of these materials used in an acrylic or oil painting, can easily be affected by the environment. Moisture, dust, mildew, sun, warmth, pests – all of these and more can damage a painting.

One of the best ways to ensure complete safety for your artwork is to put it in a storage unit that is climate-controlled and secured with CCTV cameras and guards. The storage company can provide the proper packaging for the paintings and even wrap them for you. The special wrapping is one that insulates the paintings against heat, coldness and sudden temperature changes, as well as against moisture, bumps and drops. Even bad handling of a painting can cause serious damage to its surface.

Once the paintings have been successfully transported, they can stay in storage for months without being affected by any weather conditions. With the 24/7 security and the professionalism of the storage providers, you can have a peace of mind. As long as you choose a reputable self-storage facility that has proven track of impeccable service, there is nothing to be worried about anymore. You will have your own unique key and access to your storage unit whenever you want to.

The best way to store paintings in a closed storage unit is by lifting them off the ground so there is maximum airflow provided. If you are planning to store them for a long time, make sure that you examine them every other month. Ideally the paintings will be fully-insured against any damage or theft.

A great painting is often bought not only because of its aesthetic value and beauty, but for investment as well. A well-preserved painting can cost a fortune in a few decades so it’s essential to know the basics of good storage. In order to prolong the life of a painting, make sure that you pamper it often and treat it as the delicate piece of art that it actually is.

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