Guest Post: Storage Options for the Domestic Remover

When you are moving house, there will be a number of reasons as to why you may need storage. The fact of the matter is that there are plenty of ways in which you can use storage as well, and whilst holding on to things that you don’t have room for at a cost is not a sensible thing to get in to, you will likely need to have things out of the way when moving house for a variety of reasons.

Many people go straight for the normal ‘self storage’ route, but this may well be a mistake for you! It depends on the reasons that you are putting stuff away, but the fact is, self storage is expensive, not that secure and takes a fair bit of effort to get your items to! If you have a think about what you need form your storage, and have a look at the alternatives below, then you may well find that there are other ways of doing things that will make much more sense for you.

First off is the lesser used ‘crate storage’. This is a more commercial based storage option, which can be used for various reasons. It;s domestic application is certainly a viable option however, as it stores your belongings securely in a way that costs much less than self storage. With crate storage, the crates are delivered to your home, and you can pack them up just as you like, ensuring that everything is packed safely. Once you are done, the crates are sealed, and transported to a warehouse, where they are stacked amongst many other crates.

The way in which the crates are nailed shut, as well as the fact that they are stacked so high means that they are almost completely inaccessible unless you have an employee of the company with you. This is much safer than the open warehouse with padlocked doors that self storage offers. This method of stacking increases the efficiency of the ground space, and will mean that you can make savings over self storage as well.

The downside to all this is that the company will often charge to see the contents of the crate, as it takes a bit of work getting it out and ready for you to view. If your use requires long term storage however, this is a great option.

On the opposite end of the spectrum, short term storage may benefit from ‘mobile storage’. This is where a large container is delivered to your home and remains there, free for you to use how you like. This method is much like a closed skip, as it has charges for delivery and pickup, but only a low rental fee. This sort of storage is absolutely perfect if you are home staging before trying to sell your home, or just doing the place up before you move in, as the storage unit is so easily accessed.

There are of course issues however, in that the units are pretty unsightly, and you will find that there are many ways in which your neighbors may object! You may even need to obtain permission to have one form the council if your home is fairly open to public view, as the thing may be deemed an eyesore! If you are able to utilize this method however, then it can be a really good option for you, that can save you time, money and effort overall.

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