Guest Post: Self Storage Services

When it comes to sorting out all your personal possessions and belongings before the move, the proposal of having the chance to store items elsewhere can be an incredibly attractive option. Not necessarily having acres of space in your current living situation, it can be a worthwhile way of getting extra space to store everything in the interim. Unable to find the right amount of space in your own home, to sort out storing everything not immediately needed in preparation for the big day of the move, things can get a little complicated and overly stressful. Needing a spare vacant area to store everything before the move, self storage becomes a more likely option for you; also providing the chance to have space to go to, to be able to sort through de-cluttering whilst there.

A self-storage container can be rented out to help you out in the tricky situation of not having the luxury of easily available instant space to store your possessions in. The container itself is dependent on your requirements. This will be hired out and rented from a self storage facility that specialises in this, for a specific quantity of time, offering you the chance to have your belongings stored elsewhere, with the added benefit of security.

At least then you’ll not have to worry about things going missing, getting pinched, or going astray (if you have to resort to leaving them with family, say), which would further stress you out before the move. When it comes to self storage options, you obviously want to be able to access a service that is as close to you as possible. With what you are intending to store needing to be taken there in the first place, you obviously have to be aware of journey time, petrol costs and the practicalities of getting everything moved there to begin with! The nearer you are to the storage facility, the easier the whole process will be and better it is for you.
But these kinds of facilities are normally on industrial estates or found further in the metropolis, with bigger cities and built up areas like outer and inner London. So this can have a big impact on your locality and the distance you are moving. If you live out in the sticks or near the countryside and far away from urbanised areas like this, then you might have a hell of a trip!

So factoring in the distance you will have to get to the storage facility itself with trips to take items for storage and then to take back ready for the move day (for the removal service to take it away). This can also impact greatly on the final decision of whether or not to make use of a self storage unit in the first place.

Self storage can often link in with hiring a ‘man and van’ or planning to hire a van by yourself and doing the move yourself, versus the main choice of hiring a removal firm to sort out the removal process for you. Needing room to keep everything that you want to move can be a real hassle if you are living in limited space, like a studio flat, but ‘upsizing’ with your move.

As a student, this can be useful given the constraints on your time and living space, although you’d need to be conscious of budget threshold as they can be a little pricey for a short term rental for a small space. Moving from university accommodation, to a shared house can mean more work. For office removals, self storage provides an external storage during the changeover.
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