Guest Post: Perfect Warehousing

Warehouse living is the epitome of cool in London, and while it may not be for everyone, it’s certainly one of the best ways to save money while looking good in your new place. We’ll give you an insight into perfect warehousing with our handy guide, full of hints and tips for living in a converted space.

There are a few ways of approaching living in a warehouse, you can either go through the regular channels for finding a place, and pay a premium for a beautiful (or sometimes not so beautiful) conversion that is purpose made for living in, or you can rent a unit that has not been converted, and make the place hospitable yourself. The first is obviously the easiest. An estate agent will have plenty of loft style conversions to show you around, and many of them will be fantastic, as there has been a massive resurgence in the style of apartment in the last 15 years, and landlords are making the most of their space by doing them up to an amazing standard, to attract wealthy renters. If you decide to go down this route then be aware of the costs that you are incurring. It may be that you need to live in quite a central location, and therefore are unlikely to find any non-residential property that is ready to convert, in which case you will need to find a place that has already been done up. If you are ok to live a bit further out, then it may be the case that you are better off saving money and heading out to the outskirts of town; north east and south east London are particularly good places to find old warehouse spaces.

If you set your mind on renovating a warehouse space yourself, then the next thing to do is find your place. Many artist communities have set up co-operative living arrangements in warehouses that were once used for larger industry, so it is certainly doable. When you have located a decent place, make sure that it has the right facilities for you, as well as the correct local amenities. Many older warehouses will be without residential style heating, and will often lack bathrooms or kitchens, as they were not built for the purposes that you require. While putting in a kitchen or bathroom may be quite expensive, the likelihood is that the rent of the unit will be so significantly cheaper than renting a conversion, that the overall cost will still be less!
If you are all set with a habitable warehouse, then you will likely feel the need to decorate it to an exciting standard, and this style can vary greatly, as with modern standards, a great deal of decor can be put into an industrial warehouse style setting and still make sense stylistically. One idea is to mix and match period antiques and furnishings, but keep the colour palette in line, chose warm wood furniture that complements the harsh concrete shell of the building, and twin it with similarly coloured furnishings, like red and orange, deep blue and purple, which will feel luxurious in stark contrast with the living proposed by the building! Using rustic furniture will also set off the surroundings nicely, as the homely feel of handmade tables and chairs are nicely contrasting with the hard mechanical feel of an industrial warehouse.

We hope that our hints and tips will get you nicely on the way towards living in the perfect warehouse space for you, good luck!

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