Guest Post: Man and Van Tips – What to Look Out For

The world of man and van services can be applied to a great variety of uses; you may need to move a small flat, or you may well just need to get some larger things moved, that will not fit in a car, like musical or building equipment. Whatever the case, you will be paying a decent amount of money for the service, so it is worth knowing what you need to look out for when using them, as there is often a lot to be said for hiring a van yourself, if you can drive. Have a look through the following tips so that you are less in the dark upon approaching the man and van services that you may be dealing with.

Know Where to Look

You will find that the internet is full of removals companies and man and van services that are desperate for your business. It is essentially a jungle out there, with hundreds of competitors in each town and city clamoring to do your job. The problem is, that many of these companies are in fact one man operations that give off the sense of being larger and more professional than they are with advertising. This is not necessarily an issue, as there is a lot to be said for a one man show when it comes to man and van services, but you want to be dealing with someone who is up front and honest, do you not.

Therefore, you should be looking for such qualities when you are reading the adverts. You should be able to gauge whether this is a humble driver looking to do honest work for a decent wage, or whether it is someone trying to dupe you in to an agreement. This means that Gumtree and Google will not necessarily be the best places to look, given as they are so full of competition. Ask your friends if they know anyone, and talk to local rehearsal studios, or art and creative workshops, as these sorts of places will be using such services all the time.

Don’t Get Trapped!

There are many pitfalls to hiring a man and van service, and most of them revolve around how you deal with the payment. Most van men will divide between wanting hourly payment, and a flat quote for the job. If you are looking at hourly payment, you need to be sure that you know what you are looking at in terms of how long the move should take. If you are looking at a quote, then you will likely have to pay more than the hourly rate should take, as you will be paying to cover yourself against any traffic or mishaps.

In both of these situations, there may be dishonest drivers who try to hook you in to paying more than you should be. Sometimes a van man will hike the price on arrival, having seen the load, but if you told them what the load was, this is unfair. Try telling them that you will find someone else, and see if they are being serious or not. Some hourly payment van men will offer a low hourly rate, but then have less obvious add on charges for fuel, lifting, and even going up stairs! If you are aware of such things, you can certainly ensure that you are not duped by any of the service that you go with, as you can clear such things up as you start negotiation.

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