Guest Post: Man and Van Hire – The Ideal Moving Solution

When moving to a new home, there are a variety of different issues which are likely to present themselves, and which many of us are simply not prepared to deal with. These can range all the way from choosing the right removals service (or even deciding whether or not to use a removals service at all) to handling the specific paperwork and admin which each move requires, and many more things besides.

A common issue which tends to present itself to us during a move (and which many of us are unsure of how to handle appropriately) is the issue getting our belongings moved from our old home to our new one in a cost-effective and straightforward way. The options often seem pretty clear cut: either we pay for a big-name professional moving service to do the job for us (and in doing this we buy peace of mind and, hopefully, a high level of professionalism). On the other hand, we can try and do the whole process “DIY” and get as much of the removals process done by our own hands as possible.

What many of us fail to realize is that there is an option between those two extremes – one which is the ideal solution for the vast majority of us. That option is using Man and Van Hire in order to get our cherished belongings transported successfully from “point A” to “point B”.

Think about this way, it’s really the most logical conclusion: Attempting a DIY move is difficult. It’s often many times more difficult than we tend to believe, and when all is said and done, the vast majority of us simply don’t have the resources or skills necessary to pull it off without stumbling at every hurdle along the way and quickly realizing that the whole thing is much tricky than we would have liked to believe.

For example – how many of your belongings can you really fit into your car? (Assuming you have a car. If you live in the city you might very well not) Or, how many of those belongings can you fit in your car in one trip? How secure will they be? Is the chance of damage high or low?

For most of us, these kinds of questions lead us to realize that we’d have to be very creative indeed. Usually we’d end resorting to jamming our furniture into our half open boot, or tying it to the top of the roof of our car, in order to manage the move at all. Not to mention that we would likely sacrifice so much time and money on journeys between our old home and our new one, that we’d quickly end up spending more time and money on the whole process than we ever planned.

So what could possibly be the ideal solution for the bulk of us who are looking to move homes?

Well, as we’ve seen, DIY moving is out as an option. How about a professional removals firm with a big truck? A bit too over-the-top and expensive, probably.

Well, here’s the secret:

The ideal solution for almost every homeowner is Man and Van hire.

Look at it this way: You pay a moderate price, for an experienced removals man and a vehicle that will have a much larger capacity than you’re likely to already have at your disposal. It’s a win-win situation and it spares you from a huge amount of the headache that you would otherwise have to face when making this decision.


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