Guest Post: Long Distance Removals – Your Budget Friendly Options Explained

Long distance removals, whether its London to Manchester or from the UK to Europe, is a scary prospect. You’ve spent your time making sure you’ve made the right decision, finding school, jobs, choosing areas with good transport links and above all finding your perfect home and now you just need to worry about getting all your possessions there in one piece. For most people, the appeal of packing it all up in to one truck and having it driven to your door is the best option. However, is you are on a budget there are a few ways you can reduce the cost of this and still get the ease of a door to do removal service.

The first and most popular option for anyone relocating long distance is the most expensive as many hire a removal company to move their possessions. This is effective as the companies employees are highly skilled at boxing, loading and transporting you items. They are well equipped to deal with all manner of object from the fragile to large, bulk items of furniture. However, hiring a truck solely for your belongings can be costly, especially if you are re-locating to Ireland, France, Spain etc. Here are two ways you can get the same service, but at a smaller price:

1.     Share your truck

If you choose a smaller independent firm to manage your removal you may find that this is not an option offered to you as they don’t deal with a large enough volume of removals. However, some larger removal companies give you the option of ranting half the space in a larger truck. This means you will be sharing the space within the truck with the possessions of someone else who is also moving in the same direction as you. However be warned that this will impact the timescale you have for your move because you have to take in to account the time it takes to pick up and drop off the other customers items. Some companies may well hold your belongings until they find someone else going the same way, so this is not a valid option if you are working to a strict time scare or need your items quickly. If you choose this item you must also check that this does not invalidate your insurance and you should make sure you inform them that this is the method you are choosing to transport your items. That way you can make sure, if items do go missing, you are covered by your insurance and can claim for the items.

2.     Find a return journey

Again, this is only really an option offered by large removal firms. This is often a popular option for anyone moving from the UK to Europe or from Europe to the UK. This option allows you to take advantage of empty removal trucks that are coming back from delivering their first load at the first destination. If the company you are using has a truck traveling back along the same route you need your items taken they can arrange for the truck to pick up your items on their return and deliver them to your new address. This is beneficial for both parties as it will mean the price of your removal will be reduced and the company will be able to make use of what will have otherwise been empty truck wasting petrol. However, to use this method, you may have to fin either an international removal company or find a removal company in the country you are moving to so that you can take advantage of any of their returning vehicles.

Aside from saving you money both of these options also help to save fuel consumption and will therefore help minimise the environmental impact of your move.


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