Guest Post: How to Use Storage Units When Moving Your Business

If you’re planning on relocating to another office in the future, you may not be able to simply move your furniture into the new premises. Whether this is because you’re still renovating the building or you don’t have space, you’ll need to rent a storage unit to take care of your things until you figure out what to do with them. These facilities are more than just large lockable boxes though and some precautions will need to be made so that everything is protected while you’re away.

1) Choose the Right Unit

Since there are so many storage facilities available worldwide, you’ll have to make sure that the unit you choose is suitable for your belongings. Look at the items that you want to put away and determine:

• The floor space that you require
• Which amenities are suitable

Some of these locations are actually quite high tech when it comes to looking after your things, e.g. some storage units come with climate control and security. This means you can leave your office furniture there and not have to worry about water damage, humidity, theft or vandalism.

2) Compare Offerings Online

The best place to seek a great storage deal for your business is right here on the net. This is because you can browse over the available packages, seeking out highly secure, climate controlled storage units that fit in with your corporate budget. Since you’re paying money for the mover, you’ll have to think about how much you can afford when storing your items as well. Fortunately, the web makes it easy to compare prices and find a suitable package for your company.

3) Arrange the Move

Now, it will be time to transport your belongings to the facilities you’ve chosen. Talk with your moving expert about visiting your storage unit on the way to your new office. The best removalists in Sydney will be flexible with their schedules, giving you the ability to drop off your excess items before you relocate to the new workplace. Of course, you’ll need to arrange this well, so you have time to unload your belongings in both places while still sticking to your hectic corporate schedule.

4) Protect Your Belongings

Since you’ll be leaving your storage unit alone for long periods of time, you’ll have to make sure that all of the contents are taken care of. After all, there are hazards such as water leaks, rodents and cockroaches to think about. Follow these handy tips:

• Place your furniture on pallets to avoid flooding damage
• Wrap with industrial strength plastic to protect against dust and pests
• Lock up using an external, heavy duty padlock on the sliding door

While the facility may already have measures in place to prevent break-ins and water damage, following a number of simple storage safety tips can mean the difference between furniture that’s ruined and still useable. With a little extra effort, you can protect your belongings no matter how long they’re left in storage.

5) Use the Space Wisely

Our last tip is to pack everything in as efficiently as possible. The smaller the storage space, the cheaper it will be. This is always good news for your corporate budget. The aim should be to pack everything in up to the ceiling. Using your heavier furniture as a base, you can pile your office belongings in, optimising your use of space. In this way, you can fit more of your unused items into the same small unit.

These five storage tips should help the busy corporate professional take care of their office furniture. Even though they’re not there, everything will be safe and sound!

Author Bio:

Madeline Varley is a writer for Move Me Group, reliable removalists in Sydney who cater not only to households and families but also to all types of businesses.

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