Guest Post: Hiring a Removal Company – Yes or No?

When you move home, whether you are renting or buying, the costs quickly add up. So once you have put down your deposit or secured your mortgage, the last thing you want to be doing is spending more money hiring professionals to get your belongings from A to B. But hiring a professional removal company can provide serious help during what is an incredibly stressful period, and their level of expertise often means your furniture is better protected than it would be in the hands of you and your friends! So is it worth hiring the professionals?

The first thing to think about when it comes to deciding upon the hiring of expertise is your situation. Be honest with yourself. If you are moving just a couple of streets and transit time is short, could you rope in a couple of friends and do it yourself? Or are you moving to the other end of the country where expert help and protection of your belongings could be essential?

At the end of the day hiring the professionals does come at a price. But most removal companies do offer a range of services, and so it can be worth fully reviewing their services before you call for a quote. For instance as well as a fully-manned removal most also offer a man with a van or simple commercial van hire. Obviously as you go along the list you get less and less expert help, but if you are a seasoned mover and have done it a number of times then you may feel as much of an expert as the professionals!

There are also additional services that can be useful. Most removal companies will offer packing services, or the provision of materials at a reasonable rate. These are worth considering if you lead a busy work/family life and finding enough time to pack just isn’t possible. Could you be better off spending the time leading up to the move maintaining normality as much as possible and then letting the pros get things done quickly? The decisions all depend on working out what is right for you and your family. Everyone would like to hire the experts to handle just about every aspect of a move, but for most it simply isn’t a justifiable expense. Others like the physical challenge of moving all their possessions from A to B. The man and van service has continued to grow quickly in popularity across the country as more and more people begin to appreciate the delicate balance between professional help and cost-effective pricing. It all depends on preference, and what works best for you.

One thing you should do when considering how much professional help you need is to set a budget before getting quotes for services. As mentioned moving costs do quickly add up and setting price limits is an important factor in keeping a lid on spending. If you do decide to go for professional services always obtain at least three written quotes for what you require, and try to avoid instant online quotes. All reputable companies should be a member of the National Guild of Removers so always check for this to ensure they are operating to their strict code of conduct. Every move is different and every customer has their own individual requirements, so make sure you call and discuss yours with the company in question. If going for more manned services most will want to send out a company representative to discuss your move and give you that personalised quote that you want.

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