Guest Post: General Moving Tips

Moving house is a challenge – one of those life-changing events that require proper preparation and planning. Without a solid plan, no relocation can go smoothly. There are many tips for people on the move that can considerably reduce the stress and anxiety and ensure an easy transition from one place to another. Here are some of the best tips, summarized and listed in an order that is ready to use.

  • Choose how you will move: You can only hire a moving truck and load it yourself, or you could hire a moving company and pay for additional services, such as packing and loading. Another way to move is by borrowing a van from a friend. There are many items that you can transport with your own vehicle too, but this would take a few trips which is much more time-consuming.
  • Choose the approximate time: Unless you are moving for a specific job and you already have a deadline for the relocation, make sure you choose the most convenient time for the shift – in terms of season, weather, work, school of your children and other factors.
  • Shop around for a removals company: The moving company that will assist you will more or less determine how smooth your entire relocation is. Talk to the agent, ask for a visit at your house and an approximate estimate for the whole job. Gather a few quotes from movers and then compare their services and recommendations.
  • Gather packing supplies: You need sturdy cardboard boxes of various sizes for packing all your belongings, bubble wrap for wrapping fragile items, stretch wrap for furniture and electronics, packing tape for taping each box and the wrapped furniture, straps for securing the doors of cabinets and appliances, newspaper or plain paper for padding on the bottom of the boxes, markers for labeling the boxes, moving blankets for moving the heaviest furniture, a dolly or two for moving appliances and furniture pieces to the moving truck, specialty boxes for fragile items, artwork, mirrors, electronics and more. The packing material has to be quality to ensure the complete safety of your belongings.
  • Call utility companies: If nobody will be using your house after you, call utility companies to cancel their services.
  • Change your address: Issue an application for change of address and take care of bank statements and financial paperwork.
  • Gather all documents: Collect all your certificates, records, financial documents and other important paperwork. Keep them somewhere safe and pack them for your own car.
  • Communicate well: A house move is a big event for the whole family. Make sure that you communicate it properly with your children and spouse. It will take everyone some time to adapt to the new house, neighborhood and area.

These simple moving tips will help you deal with the inevitable stress of the house move and ensure an easy shift.


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