Guest Post: Further Options for Self Storage

When you look at your options for hiring a self-storage service to keep hold of belongings in the mean time for organising the move to your new property or office, it can be important to look at the wide array of options available, and the featured support provided within the contract, which can impact greatly on your budget, plans and scheduling.

With the services provided varying according to expectations, requirements and assistance needed by different companies and individuals, you need to be aware of the options available to you, rather than accepting a fixed quote for a generic service.

It is worth your while checking into insurance policies and making sure you have insurance covered, if you intend on making use of a self-storage service. With belongings with personal attachment and treasured possessions potentially left in the entrusted care of strangers (even if they are professionals!), you will feel more at ease if you are safe in the knowledge that your items left in storage are properly protected by insurance.

If you are moving items for a move to a new home, then personal insurance is an option you should look into. Items are usually not covered by rental insurance or policies for homeowners, so getting insurance sorted, even if it is for a very short term, will keep you covered should the worst happen.

If you are storing equipment and furniture for a company or business, though, then insurance will need to be covered by difference policies and you will have to look into this with company budget etc. in mind, looking through your business network for suitable advice.

And for business owners, the option of a longer term of rental is a likely probability. Whereas moving for a house would within a smaller time frame, the move to a new business can be extended by the changeover of IT systems. With IT specialists called in to set up the network and servers in their new positioning, the furniture etc. going to be moved across to the new office space may need holding onto a while longer than that for a house move. Amenities like Wi-Fi connection and IT support, can be useful if the storage space hired doubles up as a workspace; allowing you to stay in contact with the updates per work done by the IT specialists for example etc.

When looking at paying for a storage unit or container, you want to check you have the right size possible. Too small and you are going to need to hire another container and will need to juggle things around as you have to store items temporarily before this space is available. Too big and you’ve over spent on the rental price! So getting a rough idea of the space required for the container itself is going to pay off in the longer term as you maximise the space to be used. This can be done by enquiring through service providers and sizing up items (like furniture of furnishings) to help them work out a guideline size for you.

There are also various types of storage: indoor, outdoor and drive-up storage. Choosing can be based on personal preference and financial support. Vehicle self storage can be required if your house has a garage and you want vehicles looked after in the mean time. Security options can have an impact on decision making if the items to be stored are especially if there is any legal attachment to what is being kept, like confidential or copyrighted documents. So a facility with higher security is going to bump a choice with that up the list of potential service providers.

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