Great Tips for Moving House with Small Ecological Footprint

As there are two sides to every coin, moving home is no exception. Although there are a million things to think of, do and pack, changing the address brings certain new prospects. In order to make the move itself easier, there are certain ways you can do things plus have small environmental footprint. Don’t believe us? Check these out!

Reduce Your Haul by Recycling First

Do you really need all the things you currently have? Didn’t think so. Why take them with you then? Not only will your move be cheaper if you decide to take only what you need, but you will use less packaging materials, less labor and require less fuel for the moving van. Therefore, pare down your stuff, gather up what’s left and have a moving sale to earn some ready cash for your trip, or enjoy some tax credits by donating your usable cast-offs to a charity or a non profit organization.

Use Recycled Boxes

There is nothing as good for packing things as cardboard boxes. As soon as you know you will be moving, have friends and family members save clean, sturdy cardboard boxes that you can use for your upcoming move. The other option is to ask the manager at your local supermarket if they can save you a dozen or so of their cast-off cardboard boxes. Most markets simply flatten and recycle the cardboard boxes used for shipping food products to their store locations and they are happy to have you take some boxes off of their hands.

Rent Packing Crates

If you are not such a big fan of cardboard boxes, or the majority of things you have won’t fit into them, there are companies that rent reusable packing crates. They can drop off the supply you need at your old location for packing purposes, then pick up the crates at your new location after you are done unloading your goods. This way you don’t have to think what to do with all the boxes once you’ve settled down.

Creative Packaging

There’s no need to spend money on expensive disposable packaging materials, such as bubble wrap, in order to protect your breakables during a move (except if you don’t regret buying them only to pop them afterwards). Start collecting your daily newspapers so you can wrap fragile items when packing, or consider using bed linen and towels as a substitute in case you need cushioning material when packing up your household treasures.

Eco Clean Your Home

One of the most horrible things with moving is having to clean someone else’s mess so you can actually live somewhere. Therefore, it is only fair to leave the space in such a state that the new tenants can move in without much fuss – this means you should clean your own mess and not leave it to others to have to clean after you. One of the options is to hire an environmentally friendly professional cleaning company to do a thorough steam cleaning  in every room in order to make your home more presentable. The other thing you can do is, if you are not so busy with moving, clean it yourself, but make sure you use non toxic and environmentally friendly cleaning products. After all, there’s no need to cause potential health issues with people who are coming to live there.

Commit to Less Clutter

Moving house is a chance for new beginnings. It is the perfect moment to stop collecting and hanging on to things you don’t actually need – one day you will be moving to a new home again, and you will have to let them go, so make your life easier – do not clutter.

When shopping for cleaning supplies for your new home, consider purchasing only environmentally friendly products. Set up a recycling station in your basement or garage. And make it a rule not to bring an item into your new home without throwing out or donating something else that is old or no longer needed. And above all – enjoy your new home and your new beginnings.


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