Storage Auctions In Richmond, VA

Storage auctions in Richmond, Virginia are often packed with some pretty sweet loot. There’s a lot of money in this area and it shows when you uncover a well-stocked repossessed storage locker that has fallen into auction status. Due to its proximity to the nation’s capitol, Richmond Virginia draws a lot of high powered but transient workers that have to commute to and from Washington D.C.

What does all this mean for you as a storage auction hunter? Mainly that you can uncover a veritable gold mine of lucrative storage lockers in this wealthy area. Many people that pass through this way cram their self storage lockers full of business equipment like laptops, wireless printers, routers and expensive drafting or survey gear, only to have their work orders fall through. If the gear was purchased and paid for by their companies, more often than not it falls through the cracks, meaning it’s ready to be discovered by determined auction hunters.

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Our professional listing service rates the Richmond area as having a “high” frequency of storage auction sales due to the transient nature of the region’s visitors and high turnover in the major employment sectors. On a busy month, this can mean as many as 125 unique auctions. When you order a storage unit auction listing, you’ll receive a monthly spreadsheet that includes the facilities’ phone numbers, addresses, sale date and sale time.

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