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Why Storage Auctions?

The excitement and promise of auction day. The adrenaline of a bidding war. The opportunity to supplement your income at your own pace. If you’ve never attended storage auctions in your area, you’re missing out on a great way to make money that’s also loads of fun! Thousands of regular people all over the country have already taken a small wad of cash to a local self storage auction and walked away with truckloads of great stuff to turn into serious profit.Like any side hobby that can deliver extra money, attending local storage auctions is not a get rich quick scheme. It takes some time and dedication to understand the process and how to optimize your earnings, but there are so many good reasons why people are drawn to storage auctions as a way to supplement their income. For one thing, there’s the thrill of the hunt and the unexpected. For some auction hunters, it’s a way to convert their knowledge of antiques and specialty items into monetary reward.

Who We Are

At Storage Auctions Kings, we’re auction and storage experts. We’ll show you how to take a small chunk of change to storage auctions in your area and come away with profits, and, best of all, we’ll never charge you a dime. All the secrets and insider tips you’ll find in Storage Auctions Kings are entirely free. Why? Because we’re passionate about finding great deals at storage auctions, learning new auction skills, and turning a couple of weekend afternoons into some serious cash. All our tips, tricks and stories are written first hand by a self storage property manager.

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