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Storage Auctions have just entered the digital age. We’re very excited to announce that you can now browse and purchase entire delinquent storage lockers online. Our friends at StorageBattles are kicking off a new trend that is going to sweep the industry.

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It’s taken a lot of work, patience and perseverance, but the folks at StorageBattles have just made life easier on storage auction hunters and storage facility property managers alike. Buying storage units from the comfort of your own home is now as easy as can be. You just register, bid, pay online for units you win, and drive to the facility at your convenience to claim your loot.

StorageBattles brings all the convenience and security of eBay to the excitement, profitability and potential for big scores that only storage auction units can bring to the table.

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Our friends at have taken all the stress, strain, inconvenience and mystery out of buying storage auctions.

No more squeezing into the car to make long trips on the weekends, no more fighting the crowd at a storage facility or making long journeys just to be disappointed by the kinds of units they actually have on offer.

Thanks to, you can browse repossessed storage lockers for sale from the comfort of your own home, at your own pace and you can spend as long as you want examining multiple full color pictures of the goods inside each locker.

If you’ve ever been down to a crowded storage facility on a hot auction day, and elbowed and shoved your way to the front to try to get a quick peak into the dark unit, you understand exactly how much of a game-changer this is for everyone in the industry.


Special Offer for Storage Auctions Kings Readers:

If you mention you heard about StorageBattles from StorageAuctionsKings, your initial transaction fee will be waived!

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Here’s how it works: if you’re a buyer, it takes under a minute to sign up. The site automatically finds you storage auctions near you to make it as easy as pie. When you choose a facility you get large full color images of all their storage units that are currently up for sale. There’s a really slick zoom in interface that allows you to get an excellent up-close look at the inside of the unit, on your own terms and timeline.

using storage battles to view repossessed storage lockers in detail

If you’re a storage facility, StorageBattles is a lifesaver. Putting your auctions online brings tremendous value to your business while reducing so many of the common headaches that come around auction time.

Having worked as a property manager before, I know that one of the toughest times as a manager is auction time.

Not only do delinquent units require months of diligent and careful processing, paperwork and observation of applicable state laws to make sure you don’t incorrectly sell off someone’s stuff without giving them proper recourse to reclaim it, but there’s more work than you might think that goes into simply preparing your property and staff to receive buyers on auction day.

When you’re working in small markets, there’s an added difficulty with driving enough attention and exposure to your sales to try to get enough buyers to show up.

Storage companies want to sell as much of their units off for as much money as possible, because they have already lost so much revenue as a result of their tenants’ inability to pay their monthly bills. Sometimes getting an ad in the legal section of the local newspaper and putting up flyers on telephone poles is about all that managers can do.

Online storage units get more exposure, without costing managers any extra effort. You get to shift a lot of the common inquiries to the website and allow it to do a good portion of the heavy lifting for you. You can be handling your daily business while folks are browsing storage units for sale online without any interruption.

This is better for buyers, too. Instead of having to call up various facilities in their area hoping to talk to someone about what is actually inside the units that are up on the chopping block, curious auction hunters can spend all the time they want poring over the high res images that hosts of all the lockers.


Jim Grant, the founder of has over 25 years in the industry, building, developing and managing self storage facilities all over the world. He’s leveraged his boots-on-the-ground experience to bring storage unit sales into the digital era.

What most impressed me with the site when I first started looking through it is how much thought and effort has gone into to making the entire experience as easy as possible for buyers.

Registering for StorageBattles takes under a minute, and you’re immediately browsing auctions that have been automatically selected for you based on your real-world proximity to the storage facilities holding them.

Each listing page is flush with high res color photos of the insides of the storage units, taken from multiple angles. This makes it a cinch to peek around inside, get a sense of what’s up for grabs in a given unit, and even price out the likely resale value of the most lucrative items you see inside.

buying a storage locker online

When you hover over the main photo attached to the auction page, there is a handy auto-zoom feature that brings the contents into even closer view.

From experience, I can say this is much better than being there. You have all the time in the world when you’re sitting at your computer viewing an online storage auction and you won’t feel rushed to make a decision as you would on-site.

You also get to see the current bid for the entire unit, along with a bidding history that tells you who is competing for the unit and what moves they are making.

You even get a hand written description of the goods inside the unit from the posting authority of the company holding the sale.


Special Offer for Storage Auctions Kings Readers:

If you mention you heard about StorageBattles from StorageAuctionsKings, your initial transaction fee will be waived!

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The value of this feature cannot be overstated. Instead of trying to guess whether or not your intuition about  that dim object  in the corner is correct or not, you can simply read a declaration of the major items inside the unit you’re considering.

This is information you’re not likely to get at a live auction on site, and is a major benefit of buying your storage units online. Knowing that a given unit includes items you specialize in, or have after-market connections for, gives you added confidence when bidding that you’ll be able to profit from what you’re buying.

The next thing that StorageBattles does very well is make it easy to find storage sales that are physically close to where you live. To this end, the site will use your profile’s address to find sales that are near your home. You can also use the on-site search function to break-out all the current auctions by location.

This is very handy if you have a number of locations near you that you’re willing to drive to in order to increase your potential take. Now, thanks to the excellent service at StorageBattles, you no longer have to drive all over your state in search of repossessed storage lockers for sale – you can browse from the comfort of your own home, and only make one trip when you win something.



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