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[tab]Find out what industry-leading auctioneers and professionals have to say about storage auctions.

Walt Cade

Rich Schur

[/tab] [tab]Maximize your profits by bidding on units at auction intelligently and effectively.

Increasing Your Storage Auction Profits in 3 Easy Steps

What to Expect at a Real Storage Auction

The Top 5 Mistakes that New Auction Buyers Make

How to Bid on the Auction Hunters eBay Listings

Storage Auction Listings

The Most Successful Storage Auction Hunters

Storage Locker Auctions

Turning Storage Auction Buying into a Profitable Home Business

Turning Local Auctions into Cash

Looking for Storage Auctions in Your Area?

How to Use the Storage Auction Expert Forums

Winning Bid at Hawaii Storage Auctions

Essential Auction Day Rules

Capitalizing on Boat Storage



Anything and everything pertaining to the exciting world of storage auctions:

Modern Day Treasure Hunts

Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Storage Auctions

The Best Score I’ve Seen at a Storage Auction

Getting Lists of Upcoming Storage Auctions

Why Storage Companies Sometimes Cancel Their Auctions

What Separates Newbies From Storage Auction Experts?

Storage Auction Pitfalls

Storage Auctions Are Open to the Public!

Introducing “Storage Wars” The Reality Show About Buying Storage Lockers

The Best Storage Units – Understanding Storage Treasures

What’s Special About Hawaii Storage Auctions?


[tab]Learn self storage management best practices and techniques. Review – For Managers

The Best Collection Techniques

Calling All Storage Companies

Cutting a Disc Lock with an Angle Grinder

Chateau Circular Disc Locks

Standard Storage Facility Security Features

What Effect are Auction Shows Having on Local Auctions?

The Number One Way Managers Screw-Up Storage Auctions

How Do Wrongful Sales of Repossessed Storage Lockers Occur?

The Legality of Storage Locker Sales

Essential Auction Day Rules


[tab]Looking for free form letters to send to your storage tenants? Grab them here:

Overlock Notice

Delinquent Tenant Collection Letter



Get the inside scoop on cheap storage rentals and how to keep your unit from going to auction.

The Truth About “Climate Controlled” Storage

Renting a Storage Unit from a Kiosk?

Getting the Best Possible Storage Rental Quote

Self Storage Late Fees and Auction Timeline

The Safest Lock You Can Put on Your Storage Unit

Stopping Your Unit from Going to Auction

Tips for Negotiating to Get Your Delinquent Unit Back



A compendium of questions asked by our readers and answered by our experts!

How Can I Get My Stuff Back from a Storage Auction?

Can a Storage Manager Bid on an Auction Unit?

Are Storage Auctions Real?

Shady Managers?

Help, I Found a Shotgun in a Storage Unit I Bought!

Is It Really Possible to Make Money Off Storage Auctions?



Learn professional eBay tactics to maximize your storage auction revenue:

eBay Myths That Keep Auction Hunters From Maximizing Their Profits

Special Tips for Increasing eBay Profits

Why Auction Hunters Can’t Afford to Overlook eBay

How to Bid on the Auction Hunters eBay Listings


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