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Storage facility managers are busy people – I know because I’ve worked as one. Although some facilities get slow in the middle of the month, it seems that at the beginning and end of every month you’re simultaneously dealing with a wave of payments, accounting tasks, e-mail and phone reminders, new sign-ups, facility tours, handling move-outs and taking endless phone calls. At times like these, getting questions from random buyers about storage auctions is something you just don’t have time for.


If you’re like me and sometimes it feels like the last thing on Earth you need is to get asked endless questions about your upcoming auctions, you’ll want to check out this great new tool. I found this helpful site that allows storage property managers to submit their upcoming storage auctions to a specially managed database through Storage Treasures.

Once you input your information, Storage Treasures handles all the hard work and puts your auction information in front of interested buyers. You get more free time, less personal hassle and higher revenue for your auction units with a greater turn out of motivated auction buyers.

The site is sleek and modern looking and is growing each month – I wouldn’t be surprised if we see many more storage property managers turning to this outlet in the coming months and years. It’s a great way to simplify auction time for yourself, your employees and your auction buyers.