Proper vehicle storage

Do you have a car or motorcycle that is your one and only prized possession? Are you going abroad for a period of time and want to ensure that your vehicle is safe from harm or any weather damage whilst you’re away? Even if you have a garage in which to park your car, it will still be prone to rust damage and exposed to the risk of vandalism or even theft, once the perpetrators have clocked your absence! So at the end of the day, you’re best option is to hire the services of vehicle self-storage and rest easy in the knowledge that your car or even RV is being looked after at a secure storage facility!

Whether your needs are professional or personal storage facilities have large and small storage units to accommodate your vehicle, no matter its size or measurements. If you want to store a car, motorcycle, jet ski, snowmobile, yacht, van or even a truck then consider a self-storage unit or storage room to take the proper care of your vehicle.

Proper vehicle storage

You’ll find storage facilities offer both short and long term vehicle storage, and will keep your car in secure storage throughout the year, for a matter of weeks or months and even years if you choose. An expensive item such as car, large moving van to hire or boat should be treated with the upmost care and caution and by keeping such expensive belongings at secure storage facilities you can be sure they will be safe.

Storing vehicles in self-storage units or rooms offers significant benefits to both individuals and even business owners. If you haven’t got a garage space in which to park your car you could benefit greatly from self-storage rooms until such a time when you have cleared your garage or managed to build one. When it comes to belongings like boats and jet-skis, which are only used seasonally, self-storage units are ideal and extremely handy! Paying for their secure storage means you won’t have to worry about where to keep your jet-ski during the cold winter months, when you won’t brave entering the water in any capacity!

Proper vehicle storage2

Before hiring a storage facility, make sure the company is kitted out with state of the art surveillance to ensure your vehicle is under constant monitoring and in the safest and most secure storage room! Another thing to look out for when visiting storage facilities is to make sure they have good lighting on their grounds!

Now, you may be asking yourself what storing your vehicle will cost you and will you have to take out a second mortgage just to keep your car in storage for a while? The answer is probably not! Depending on the size of the vehicle, there are different sized storage units. For an average sized-care the most practical self-storage unit to use will be one of 10 x 15 feet. However you will require a larger storage facility if you’re storing a boat or RV. Storage units measuring 5 x 10 or sometimes 10 x 10 are large enough to accommodate smaller vehicles like jet skis or motorcycles.

Remember that no storage company will consent to storing a vehicle that does not have the proper paperwork, such as deeds of ownership and title and registration documents. So before you even attempt to decide on whether or not to store you vehicle, ensure that it is street legal!

How to Marry Two Households

The median age for men to get married for the first time is 29.7 years and 28 years for women, according to the Australian Institute of Family Studies. In nearly 30 years, a person can accumulate a lot of junk. Multiply that by two, and a honeymoon cottage can look more like something from an episode of The Hoarder Next Door. Combining two households requires a combination of decorative flare and psychological insight. If you do it wrong, you can have your first fight before you even move in. But, if it’s done right, your new home will sparkle with shared love.

Two People, One Home

The Freudian joke is that sometimes a banana is just a banana. But in the world of psychology, everything means so much more. Deciding whether or not to keep that ugly lamp or a favorite table cloth may be setting the tone for your entire marriage whether you realize it or not. Self-protection and distrust have a direct effect on marital satisfaction. For instance, if you have two chairs but only need one, logic dictates that you have a yard sale for the one in the worst condition. But, self-protection whispers worry into your mind, telling you to keep your chair just in case. Try to keep your decision making rational, and if emotions or insecurities rise to the surface, discuss them. Use this time to make your new marriage strong.

Be True to Your Culture

When two businesses merge, the companies do not simply pile new desks next to old desks, and there are not two CEOs. But, this does not mean that someone has to be demoted. It means that the whole structure and culture of the businesses need to be integrated, retaining the strengths and dispensing of the weaknesses. When you get married, you are merging two families, two cultures and two lifestyles. Start looking across the aisle for the things that you are happily incorporating into your new life. You may have been raised with meat and potatoes but lechon y arroz also are pretty yummy.

Leave Room to Expand

The simple fact of marriage is that you do not know what the future holds. The way that you handle adversity and change will define the success of your marriage. There are so many things that can change in a lifetime from babies to job loss to moves and promotions, and you need to be open to changing together. So as you create your home, leave room for change. You do not need to fill every empty space because the natural ebb and flow of life will fill it for you.

Throw It All Out

If the picking and choosing of who’s furniture, decorations and other household items are going to be used, then toss them all and start new. Have a yard sale or donate the old stuff, and start shopping for your new home together. Start with a piece of furniture that you fought about and pick out something you both like. Go for big pieces like a comfy couch, or begin anew with the details like patterned curtains or drapes. But no matter what, don’t fight and be sure to compromise.

This is your time to create the foundation of your marriage and leave your old stuff in the past. Being able to differentiate your marriage from your past life and family of origin will lead you to a healthier, happier and more intimate life together.

Three Ways to Make Your Self Storage Seamless and Efficient

Self storage is a great way to store your possessions without having to compromise on the space at your house or office. It can be a great stop gap solution to storing things for students as well as an excellent long term storage solution for home owners and businessmen.

One of the best things about self storage is the various storage options one can choose from which not make it very convenient to store things but also allows one to pick the option perfectly suited to one’s requirements.

While self storage can be a great way to store your possessions, it is often very challenging to get everything in order for the moving and storing process. It is a physical and time consuming task that needs tp be done, no matter what. Starting from packing to transportation and unloading, it is one cumbersome task, if done on one’s own.

However, there are ways that can help you ease your task. If you follow the three P’s (three steps) – planning, packing and professional assistance – to perfection, you can make the whole experience easy and pleasant for yourself.

Planning is the most important part of any moving, relocating or storage removal exercise. Without proper planning, it can be very difficult to get through the task without challenges and hindrances. The most important thing about planning is to start early.

You need to give yourself ample time to think, survey for best options and pack, before moving your possessions into a storage area. Start with a checklist of things you need to do. Then go about everything one at a time. First of all, determine what all needs to go into storage and how much space you will require. How long do you want the storage for? How often will you need to access your stuff? Pick the right storage option before everything else.

Once the ideal option has been selected, start packing your belongings according to the nature of the things that need moving and how often you are going to use them. Pack the fragile items carefully using protective packing so that there is no damage during transportation. If you are planning to store something for long, make sure the packing is robust and long lasting.

In case, you need to access your things often or need to take them out in the storage space, try packing your things in temporary packing, such as cardboard boxes, or containers with lids that can be easily opened and closed again. Mark all the fragile items and make sure that you know what items are packed in each box. It would be better to make a list of each thing packed and paste it outside every respective box.

Once packing is done, all you need is to transport your goods to the Fulham storage area. As easy it seems, this is the most challenging part of the storage process and it is much better to hire removals and storage experts to do this for you. These guys are professionals and will get your job done in a timely, safe and efficient manner.

Once you seek the help of professionals, all you need to do is watch over and relax. If you are not too keen on your belongings being handled by other people and yet want to avoid the hassle of transporting your belongings to the storage facility, order for a mobile storage unit. Such storage units are transportable and will be delivered to your doorstep where you can load your belongings into it. It will then be taken back to your nearest storage depot for safekeeping.


Moving? Here’s How to Take Your Boat with You

Regardless of whether you are moving across the state or across the country, if you have a boat, you’re going to have to find a way to get it to your new home. Unlike your grandma’s china and all of your clothing, you can’t exactly box up your boat and put it on the moving van. Fortunately, there are ways to transport your boat—including hiring a moving company and hauling it behind your car or truck. The following tips can help ensure that relocating your boat to its new place will go as smoothly as possible.

Contact Several Shipping Services

If you would like to hire a professional boat mover to relocate your watercraft, you should call several companies for estimates. Have the measurements of your boat handy and also the approximate distance that it will need to be moved. When speaking with representatives from the different carriers, Hurricane Marine Transport Inc. advises, ask them for their US DOT number, and now much cargo insurance they are currently carrying. This is a key piece of information to have—if a particular moving company has insurance up to $75,000 and your boat is worth much more than that, you should definitely do business with another company. It is also important to know what each company’s safety rating is. This is all information that reputable carriers will willingly give you. As you are speaking with the different companies and gathering quotes, be sure to also look up customer reviews of their services on the Better Business Bureau website or Yelp.

Consider Moving it Yourself

If you are making a relatively short move and you are already used to hauling your boat from its storage facility to a local marina, you might think about transporting your boat on your own. If your boat is quite expensive and you have a pretty long drive ahead of you, you might look into shrink wrapping the boat prior to your move. If you are not sure of how to do this, you can hire professionals to help you out. You should also make sure the gas tank is emptied out prior to hauling the boat, and remove items that stick out or up, like antennas.

Prepare Your Boat for the Move

Once you decide the best method of transportation for your boat, you need to get it ready for the big move. Make sure that the hatches of the vessel are sealed up tightly, and that everything that is stored inside the boat is secure. If you can, remove as many of the supplies from the boat as you can and take them with you in your own vehicle or the regular moving van. If you are moving during the colder months, you may wish to winterize your boat to prevent it from being damaged by snow or sleet, and for safety, disconnect your boat’s battery.

What to Do Upon Arrival

Once the move is over and you, your family and your boat are all settled in your new home, make sure you register your watercraft. The Take Me Fishing website is an excellent resource and allows you to learn the boat registration requirements for each state. Also, since boating license requirements can vary throughout the country, it’s possible that you will need to update your license. For example, if you have just relocated from Arizona to Oregon, a website like Boater Exam is a great resource that will allow you to study the state-specific requirements, take the test, and then print out your new Oregon Boater Education Card before heading out on the water.

Guest Post: How to Pick the Right Self-Storage Unit

So you have packed up all your items and are ready to move them into self-storage, but packing items up correctly is only the first step in the process. Finding the right unit for your situation may not be easy, but if you follow the below advice then it may not be as difficult as it originally seems.

Long-term or Short-term

Before looking at any storage units in person, ask yourself if you plan on utilising self-storage for a long or short period of time. The reason for this is because it is far easier to negotiate a better per month price if you commit to a long-term rental agreement with a facility. Obviously, this would be for nothing if you only have the short-term in mind, but it does bear thinking about should you have long-term on the mind and don’t wish to keep a rolling agreement in place.


The days of the one-size-fits-all storage unit options are thankfully behind us, as they now come in all shapes, sizes and forms. But, that in itself can make finding the right unit tricky, as the last thing you need is a unit that is either too large or too small for your possessions. Take a full inventory before moving items in storage and get a rough estimate of the space you will need. Look at lockers that are of a similar size, yet still offer you a small amount of room for manoeuvre. The biggest trap that many renters fall into, is that they end up paying for space that the simply don’t need, do not let that happen to you.

Security and Insurance

A self-storage unit is practically worthless if the facility it is housed within can’t keep your items protected and secure. It means the facility you end up choosing should place security at the top of its list of priorities. Every facility will have a different approach to on-site security, but they should also have an approach to insurance options. Some offer insurance, others do not, so speak with the facility manager to discuss how they go about protecting your possessions. If you feel that their coverage is lacking, you are free to take matters into your own hands by acquiring third party coverage for your unit.

Access Times

What use is a storage unit, if you can’t actually access it when you need to. It is a common misconception that all storage facilities operate under a 24/7, round the clock access philosophy. While some do, many operate under set hours. If you are someone who needs access to your unit at night, it doesn’t make sense in signing up to a facility that only allows daytime access. Before renting a unit, think about when you will need to access it, and if the facility in question can’t match up to this it may be worth taking your business elsewhere.

Make the Right Choice

The field of self-storage can be tough to navigate, largely because of the large array of unit options available to you. However, this difficulty should never be construed for impossibility, as it is possible to find that perfect unit with a little due diligence. Next time you need self-storage, whether it be for personal or business reasons, make size, security and access priorities and work down from there. This guide has looked at what you need to consider when evaluating storage unit options. But remember, when it comes to self-storage units, you should only ever pay for what you need and features you will utilise.