Guest Post: How to Cost-Effectively Move Items into Storage

There are many reasons why you may need to move your items into storage – maybe your moving houses, offices, or just need a place to put that expensive wine collection. Whatever the reason, putting your items into storage, rather than throwing them away for good, or worse, leaving them unused to gather dust, is often the easiest and most cost-effective solution for your needs.

If you’re considering moving items into storage, here are tips to help you along the way.

How Much Storage Do I Need?

You have so much stuff – half of it you haven’t seen for years – but it all has to go somewhere.

First off, ask yourself the three questions below when sorting through your items:

1. Do I really need this?
2. When was the last time I used this?
2. Does or will this item have any sentimental or monetary value?

It’s easy to want to keep everything, and hard to let go of anything. Remember to be brutally honest with yourself here. If it helps, go through it with a partner who can assist in deciphering what you actually need, and what you can do without.

Keep in mind, that everything you store away is costing you money, also the removal service will be quicker – so the more you cut down, the more you will save.

What Type Of Storage Do I Need?

There are many different types of storage. Wine, for example, can’t be stored in the same conditions as furniture, or valuable papers. Don’t worry; you don’t need to be an expert here.

Any good storage company will be able to advise what items need to be stored in what conditions. All you need to do is determine which items will be stored, make a list, and have this information ready when you start calling companies.

With these simple tips in mind, you are well on your way to storing your items with the least amount of cost and time needed – enjoy the extra space, and the knowledge that your beloved items are in a safe place.

Must Haves for Luxury Rural Living

The debate between rural living and city living is likely a never-ending argument. A poll taken by revealed that 56 percent believe rural living is better because there is greater freedom and a lot more space to do whatever it is you like to do. For those who appreciate rural living, taking advantage of this extra space by purchasing these must haves can make ranch life even that much sweeter:

Hot tub

If you’ve got horses to ride or cattle to rustle, having a hot tub to come back to is practically a must for soothing those aching muscles. Even if you don’t plan to do a lot of work yourself, it offers a great place for relaxing and soaking your cares away, as well as for entertaining guests. Soothing those aches and pains, breathing in the fresh air, and staring out at the star-filled night’s sky is luxury rural living at its very best.

You might choose a hot tub that looks as natural as your picturesque surroundings, like the beautiful cedar hot tubs from Zen Bathworks made in a variety of sizes out of Western Red Cedar.


An ATV is really a must for rural ranch life. A poll by BEEF magazine found that 80 percent of its readers have at least one of these machines to use for work or play, like the Honda FourTrax Rancher 4×4 ES. This unit is ideal for assisting with numerous tasks around the ranch, like moving things between storage when the season changes. It even comes with a heavy-duty trailer hitch with 850 pounds of towing capacity. If you just want to do some off-roading, retailers like Bike Bandit have serious treads for getting off the beaten path.

Fire pit

A fire pit can help warm things up on those chilly evenings and also provide a fun gathering place for lively conversation or even a sing-along. It’s a great way to add ambiance to your outdoor space. The Funky Dog Gas Fire Pit adds a luxurious touch for upscale rural living with its iron oxide patina that darkens over time, giving it a rustic yet elegant look in addition to being a true piece of art.

The Funky Dog can also be customized so that it fits in with your outdoor décor. You can choose the type of finish, Gem Fire-Enhancing Glass, or even personalization with your family or business name.


Snowmobiles can be very important for rural ranch life for those who live in northern climates. When the snow is deep and roads are impassable, they can be a lifesaver for getting to the store, to a neighbor’s house, or even just around the property. Having a snowmobile is also a lot of fun for those times you just want to go for a thrilling ride through that spectacular winter wonderland.

Acreage Life recommends the Ski-Doo Tundra LT, designed for working and playing with its light yet strong REV-XU frame. It offers good traction on and off trail in addition to including an aluminum rack with 50 pounds of cargo capacity.

Guest Post: Self Storage Do’s and Don’ts

If you are looking to get self storage sorted, then you will find that there is a lot that you can do to ensure that you are not in trouble of getting things wrong. Whilst it may seem simple, you will find that there are a great many different things to think about when it comes to ensuring that the job goes ahead well. You will also find that there is a lot to be said for knowing these problems in advance of the move, as it will ensure that you are less likely to get any trouble in any way, as you have protected against it all.


– Only store exactly what needs to be stored! The more stuff you need to get stored, the more expensive your unit will be, and the more stress you will have to go through in getting it all there! You will often find that you can sell things that are of any value on online auctions, and get a decent price if you are clever with lsting it. Ensure that you get good photos of the item, and you should not have a problem selling it. You will find that you save a great deal of hassle and cash by getting things sold, and you can always buy a second hand one should you need it again. If the items are personal, then you won;t want to sell them on, but it seems unlikely that anything that you are consigning to long term storage would be extremely important to you! Ignore this if your storage is short term however.

– Wrap things in plastic, to prevent damp and insect problems, like moths eating away at sofa coverings. You will find that you need to check for rodents as well, closing up any openings in the storage unit that may allow such pests in.

– Use a man and van service, to give you that extra hand with moving things. Having someone that is used to the work involved in moving furniture and the like will be useful on such a job, and you will no doubt find that this is very helpful with reducing the time and effort that the storage process requires of you.


– Rent a van if you are not used to driving a van. You will find that it can be attractive to go with the low process of a self rented van, but the reality of the situation is that you need to know how to drive one before you do so. If you are not used to the van, then you may be at risk of swinging it about too much, and this will often lead to issues with things being knocked over in the back. You may also have to reverse it in to position to make the loading out or in easier, and this may require some experience.

– Forget to have a look in to mobile storage. You will likely find that there is a lot to be said for ensuring that you don;t have to rent the van, or pay for the man and van service. Mobile storage will deliver a crate to your house, which you fill as you like, and they will then take it and store it for you. This is only really good for long term storage however, as you will find that there may be charges and processes for looking at your stored items, due to the way that the crates are stacked.

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Guest Post: Further Options for Self Storage

When you look at your options for hiring a self-storage service to keep hold of belongings in the mean time for organising the move to your new property or office, it can be important to look at the wide array of options available, and the featured support provided within the contract, which can impact greatly on your budget, plans and scheduling.

With the services provided varying according to expectations, requirements and assistance needed by different companies and individuals, you need to be aware of the options available to you, rather than accepting a fixed quote for a generic service.

It is worth your while checking into insurance policies and making sure you have insurance covered, if you intend on making use of a self-storage service. With belongings with personal attachment and treasured possessions potentially left in the entrusted care of strangers (even if they are professionals!), you will feel more at ease if you are safe in the knowledge that your items left in storage are properly protected by insurance.

If you are moving items for a move to a new home, then personal insurance is an option you should look into. Items are usually not covered by rental insurance or policies for homeowners, so getting insurance sorted, even if it is for a very short term, will keep you covered should the worst happen.

If you are storing equipment and furniture for a company or business, though, then insurance will need to be covered by difference policies and you will have to look into this with company budget etc. in mind, looking through your business network for suitable advice.

And for business owners, the option of a longer term of rental is a likely probability. Whereas moving for a house would within a smaller time frame, the move to a new business can be extended by the changeover of IT systems. With IT specialists called in to set up the network and servers in their new positioning, the furniture etc. going to be moved across to the new office space may need holding onto a while longer than that for a house move. Amenities like Wi-Fi connection and IT support, can be useful if the storage space hired doubles up as a workspace; allowing you to stay in contact with the updates per work done by the IT specialists for example etc.

When looking at paying for a storage unit or container, you want to check you have the right size possible. Too small and you are going to need to hire another container and will need to juggle things around as you have to store items temporarily before this space is available. Too big and you’ve over spent on the rental price! So getting a rough idea of the space required for the container itself is going to pay off in the longer term as you maximise the space to be used. This can be done by enquiring through service providers and sizing up items (like furniture of furnishings) to help them work out a guideline size for you.

There are also various types of storage: indoor, outdoor and drive-up storage. Choosing can be based on personal preference and financial support. Vehicle self storage can be required if your house has a garage and you want vehicles looked after in the mean time. Security options can have an impact on decision making if the items to be stored are especially if there is any legal attachment to what is being kept, like confidential or copyrighted documents. So a facility with higher security is going to bump a choice with that up the list of potential service providers.

Guest Post: How to Find the Best Self Storage Option

If you have come to the conclusion that self storage is going to be of great use to help orchestrate your move to your new home, then there are a few things to keep in mind that you should be aware of when working out the practicalities of your chosen storage facility and your plan of approach. Your options might be limited by personal location as to the closest physical options available, but you should still look to get the best deal possible that suits your requirements and needs, whilst staying within budget.

Availability can sway your decision for you. If you want to be able to get to your belongings stored asap, then you need to make sure there are units available rather than getting stuck on a waiting list! A well maintained and looked after self storage facility is also big on the list of requirements so your items don’t get dusty or dirty.

Climate controlled storage can be offered by some storage firms. The climate controls put in place make sure there is a study temperature of fifty five to eighty degrees Fahrenheit. This will help keep your items stored insulated from the damage that can be caused by extreme weather conditions in hot or cold weather. If you are moving over the winter period then this can be incredibly useful, as the weather can be unpredictable but also cause its own problems in transporting items.

Trying to get a move done within a seasonal time period where the weather can be an issue regardless, can obviously have a big impact for you. And you need to factor this in to the practical and planning process of the move itself. Things like wooden cupboards can warp under great, consistent heat and end up being different in shape than the cupboard you had before placing it in storage. Had this been kept at home, the chances are this wouldn’t have happened (or so easily).

So it’s in your best interests to find a service provider that looks after the temperatures of their storage facilities, so that you don’t have to deal with repairs or replacements.

The same goes with incredibly cold or freezing conditions that can cause changes where materials contract rather than expand. If you were going to be using a storage option via a removal firm or within their umbrella network, for an international move. Say you want part time storage for the changeover for say a country where the climate can have extreme humidity, then this is a further option to keep in mind, considering the impact on your items in storage, even if just for the short term.

When choosing the firm you want to go with, you will want to find out what security they have in place to look after your personal items. Duty managers, fencing and CCTV should be features available to help this. If the area has a higher crime rate and you are a little worried about your belongings getting stolen, then the more secure the better to ease nerves and to practically protect your possessions.

Accessibility will have a big impact on your decision of which firm to go with. The ability to access your storage unit whenever you want, so that you can remove items as necessary, or add further items to store, is a big question mark. If the firm has an all day, twenty four hour operating service, then you can happily go as you please to move items as and when you need to. Worth remembering when you reach your final few options over who to employ for the storage service!

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Guest Post: Self Storage Services

When it comes to sorting out all your personal possessions and belongings before the move, the proposal of having the chance to store items elsewhere can be an incredibly attractive option. Not necessarily having acres of space in your current living situation, it can be a worthwhile way of getting extra space to store everything in the interim. Unable to find the right amount of space in your own home, to sort out storing everything not immediately needed in preparation for the big day of the move, things can get a little complicated and overly stressful. Needing a spare vacant area to store everything before the move, self storage becomes a more likely option for you; also providing the chance to have space to go to, to be able to sort through de-cluttering whilst there.

A self-storage container can be rented out to help you out in the tricky situation of not having the luxury of easily available instant space to store your possessions in. The container itself is dependent on your requirements. This will be hired out and rented from a self storage facility that specialises in this, for a specific quantity of time, offering you the chance to have your belongings stored elsewhere, with the added benefit of security.

At least then you’ll not have to worry about things going missing, getting pinched, or going astray (if you have to resort to leaving them with family, say), which would further stress you out before the move. When it comes to self storage options, you obviously want to be able to access a service that is as close to you as possible. With what you are intending to store needing to be taken there in the first place, you obviously have to be aware of journey time, petrol costs and the practicalities of getting everything moved there to begin with! The nearer you are to the storage facility, the easier the whole process will be and better it is for you.
But these kinds of facilities are normally on industrial estates or found further in the metropolis, with bigger cities and built up areas like outer and inner London. So this can have a big impact on your locality and the distance you are moving. If you live out in the sticks or near the countryside and far away from urbanised areas like this, then you might have a hell of a trip!

So factoring in the distance you will have to get to the storage facility itself with trips to take items for storage and then to take back ready for the move day (for the removal service to take it away). This can also impact greatly on the final decision of whether or not to make use of a self storage unit in the first place.

Self storage can often link in with hiring a ‘man and van’ or planning to hire a van by yourself and doing the move yourself, versus the main choice of hiring a removal firm to sort out the removal process for you. Needing room to keep everything that you want to move can be a real hassle if you are living in limited space, like a studio flat, but ‘upsizing’ with your move.

As a student, this can be useful given the constraints on your time and living space, although you’d need to be conscious of budget threshold as they can be a little pricey for a short term rental for a small space. Moving from university accommodation, to a shared house can mean more work. For office removals, self storage provides an external storage during the changeover.
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