Guest Post: A removal company can move music equipment to a new studio

A removal company can move music equipment to a new studio

There are scores of music studios in the UK, in particular London. This city has been made famous by the likes of the Beatles, Jimmie Hendrix and the Rolling Stones – they all recorded in London. If you own a music studio and are about to move to new premises, this can be very stressful. Not only will you have to carefully pack equipment into boxes but also transport them to where your clients will record from now on. If you don’t own a large enough van, you might not know how every item can be transported. Thankfully, there are many UK moving companies to choose from who can help music studios with relocating to their new premises.

Before contacting a removal company, there are many things to take into consideration:

– Location
As London experiences a lot of traffic throughout the day, you should provide details of where your new studio will be. If you are moving to a new studio in the middle of the day, a removal can be delayed. This is because a removal van could be stuck in a traffic jam. Some removal companies charge by the hour. If a removal van is in traffic for a long time, a removal company could charge much more than what was initially quoted.

– Equipment
Not only do some removal companies charge by the hour but also how much has to be moved. Although not every removal company does so, you could arrange an appointment for them to see all possessions which need moving. If you don’t say how many boxes need to be moved, an inaccurate quote can be given. However, when a removal company knows how many boxes have to be moved, you will be provided with a precise quote.

– Expertise
Although you could choose a Chelsea removals company which helps people in their free time, a professional company can be chosen instead. As they have helped scores of other businesses with moving home, their team can even pack boxes. As the equipment which your studio owns is worth a lot of money, every bit of care and attention should be made so that no damage is caused. If you don’t have a lot of free time, a removal company can lend a helping hand so that boxes are packed before vacating a studio.

– Convenience
If you don’t have a lot of free time, a removal company could work around your schedule. By choosing a professionally trained removal company and not someone who helps their customers move at the weekend, one can be chosen which can do so during the week. If you want to move out the day before your tenancy is due to expire, a removal company can help. The exact opposite applies when a part-time removal company is hired. This is because they might not be able to help when you ask them to. As a professional removal company in London also knows how to properly pack boxes as relevant training is given to their staff, you won’t worry about whether inexperienced individuals will help you move.

Although moving to a new recording studio can take a while, it is worth investing time and money in hiring a removal company that has helped many others. By searching online, a suitable removal company can be found, in particular after looking at the testimonials which are on their website. This is because you will know what others have thought about the service that was provided to them.

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Moving House: ‘Unpack’ before you pack

Unlimited space is a luxury for most of us so making the most of the space we have is paramount, and never more so than when we’re in the process of moving house and starting over.  Whether you’re downsizing, upsizing or moving to a similar size property, there’s no better time to take stock of what you own and, far more significantly, what you’ve outgrown.  Packing up is a daunting prospect anyway but packing up the more often than not – be honest! – barely recognisable contents of endless drawers, closets and cupboards  that you secretly know have no useful place in either your current home life or your new home life is likely to make the entire task that bit more thankless and frustrating.

How many closets, cupboards and shelves do we all have that are filled with items we have no practical use for?  Packing up the contents of a home is a time-consuming and stressful job and it doesn’t take a genius to work out that the less you have to pack, the less the removal company has to carry and deliver and the less you have to unpack and find homes for at the other end.  Moving house is the perfect time to give those ‘space-fillers’ their marching orders and make the actual packing process, if not quite a pleasure then at least less of a chore.

So, start your packing by ‘unpacking‘. Unpacking in this instance means offloading and you’ll not only feel so much more in control but it will also clear the decks, physically and mentally for a far better packing and moving experience.

What you leave behind is as significant to a good moving experience as what you take with you. ‘Unpacking’ should be done first as it not only clears out your cupboards and closets but also your mind and allows you to focus much more clearly on the real packing job that lies ahead.

Be thorough, be unsentimental, be honest, and be strong!  Keep what you love, always keep what you love, but take a no-nonsense approach with those items that you know you haven’t used, won‘t use again, have outlived and/or have just reached the end of their useful lives. Ask yourself the key question: is it destined to be just more space-filler? If the answer is ‘yes’, then be firm, be brave and consign it firmly to the ‘exclude’ pile.

Once you’ve weeded out all the items that no longer have a place in your house and heart, keep them in one place and sort them into groups: items you plan to sell; items you plan to donate to friends/charity; and items for the bin/recycling.

For those items that you plan to sell, pack and label as that, so they can be stored in one place in your new home until you get around to selling them.

The benefits of ‘unpacking’ are numerous: you’ve taken control and that in itself is an excellent start as it encourages a positive mindset for the real packing job ahead.  And it also has the added bonus of making the final clean up that bit easier and more manageable; you’ve helped a charity or two to continue the good work they do, thanks to your donations, and, if you’re particularly efficient and have found time between ‘unpacking’ and packing, to put some of your unwanted items up for sale, you’ve probably also made some money to help towards your moving costs!

But best of all, your unpacking experience at your new home will be a baggage-free one.

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General Moving Advice – Don’t worry – it’ll be fine!!

Moving house can be a great cause for anxiety, and it is often the way that this anxiety created problems when things are not thought through so well, and this will naturally cause a lot more anxiety! A catch 22 of sorts, it will mean that you may well find yourself in a lot of trouble if it gets to be too much! A few hints as to the general workings of a move and how to prepare yourself for the ride that is domestic removals can be a helping hand, so have a look over the following to get an idea as to how you may want to go about your move.


– For a start, it is important to know that you are completely capable of getting everything done. Setting out everything that needs sorting for the move on a sheet of paper is usually a great way to ensure that you are not overly panicked by the prospect of moving, as it will show you the reality of the situation. It is easy to build up an unclear picture of the situation if you have not rationally thought everything through, as a fear of the unknown can cause real issues when it comes to worrying about everything. The hope is that you will have started well enough in advance that the set of things that you need to get done is not actually that bad for the amount of time that you have.


– other than packing, you will find that the rest of the move is not that strenuous. Sure, you need to get things like packing materials sorted, and removals companies booked, but everything else is pretty specific to your needs. Talk to your energy and phone providers to check as to whether you are able to set up the cancellation or transfer of bills for the day of the move, so that you do not spend any money unnecessarily. You will also have to be sure to get the postal redirection set up for that day as well, so that your post arrives perfectly on the day that you are first at the new place. If you can, ensure that all of your addresses are changed on any necessary documents before the move, so that you are not worrying about important things going missing in the post.


– Get the new house ready to move in to if you have the chance. Some house exchanges work out so that you move in on the day that the other family move out, but if there is any overlap, then you should go to the new place and prepare it for your new life. Redecorating will be a lot easier if you are not working around piles of boxes, and you will also avoid getting dust and paint on your furniture! If you can, touch up the old place after you have moved the furniture out, as this will mean that you have to be a little less careful with getting larger furniture through tight spaces, as you will be repainting and refilling parts of the house any way.


– There are plenty of ways to reduce the costs of moving house, so have a little look into cash busting techniques. You will find that renting a van is a lot cheaper than using a removals company, and is the perfect solution for some people. These money saving techniques often require a fair amount of effort however, and you will no doubt want to be sure that you have the time and patience to carry them out!


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Important Considerations When Using Courier Services

Businesses of all descriptions use courier services as a means of delivering products to their customer base, sending materials for collaborations with other businesses and simply as an alternative to using the post office.

Why use a courier service?

Seeing that so many businesses use courier services there must be some benefits to take note of. Here are five of the most commonly cited.

  1. Courier services are faster than post office services, plus same day pickup and delivery can generally be arranged.
  2. Courier companies are generally able to provide businesses with customised delivery services at reasonable rates.
  3. Using a courier company reduces the need on the part of businesses to maintain expensive in-house courier fleets.
  4. Courier companies can provide businesses with courier services outside of regular business hours, e.g. afterhours, holidays and weekends.
  5. Courier companies can often provide services the post office and shipping companies are unable to, e.g. delivering sensitive or perishable materials.

If your business is to use courier services productively and cost effectively there are a number of considerations to take into account and act upon, including reducing the costs involved.

Reduce your business transportation costs

If you’re to utilise courier services for your business needs you’ll want to reduce the costs involved where possible.

Cost effectiveness is a prominent reason on the part of business managers for utilising the services of courier companies as opposed to maintaining their own in-house courier fleets – courier fleets are notoriously expensive to maintain and generally don’t prove cost effective during the offseason or times of sluggish business activity – so take note of the following five tips for reducing your business transportation costs when using courier services.

  1. Prepare a yearly business transportation plan

You undoubtedly have a yearly business plan – a business plan that sets out your expectations for the financial year – so why not create a yearly business transportation plan? Your yearly transportation plan should take into account your transportation costs until the present point in time and include ways to reduce your future transportation costs.

  1. Procure quotes from several competing courier companies

Although you might have a longstanding relationship with your current courier company it’s important to understand what other courier companies are currently charging. Source several competing courier companies in your area, procure an online courier quote from each and compare them with your current courier rates.

  1. Renegotiate your current rates or switch companies

If the quotes you’ve procured from competing courier companies are more cost effective, renegotiate the rates you’re currently paying or switch companies. Provided that your current courier company values your business, and chances are they do, they’ll be willing to renegotiate.

  1. Provide your customer base with greater delivery options

By providing your customer base with a greater range of delivery options you can generally reduce transportation costs and also offer your customer base more competitively priced products once delivery charges have been included. By providing them with, for example, both same day and next day delivery options, you’ll be able to provide them with more competitively priced, and therefore more appealing, products.

  1. If feasible share delivery costs with other businesses

This generally wouldn’t be an option when delivering the products you’ve sold to your customers, though it’s often an option if you’re receiving products or supplies from the same sources as other businesses in your local area. A collaborative effort can go a long way to reducing expenditure, even between competing businesses.

It’s hoped this article has proven informative and that these tips help you to utilise courier services more productively and cost effectively.



Author Bio:

Madeline Varley is a freelance writer for Parcel2Courier, a leading intermediary that connects clients with trusted couriers. Their site features details on getting an online courier quote. A company that prides themselves on their customer service.




Guest Post: Getting the Best Removals Company for Your Needs

Moving house needs a great removals company. If you are in need of a removals team, then it is likely that your job is large enough to warrant worrying about how well your items are treated. Your removals company can be the difference between expensive damages and a stressful move, and a relaxed atmosphere where everything goes smoothly. If you are well prepared for the move, then there is nothing much more that you can do to make it go any better once you have handed over to the removals team, so ensuring that you are confident in your choice is vital. How to find a company that are great though? Obviously you can’t test out a removals company before they start work on your job, in the same way that you can’t get a plumber to, but there are ways in which you can ascertain whether the company is right for you or not.

The best way is personal recommendation. You will find that a friends word is the best that you can get in the removals game, as there is not taint to it. Advertising is advertising, and you never know who is writing the comments that are featured on the company’s website, so ask all of your friends and family who they used, and whether they had a good move with them. Many removals companies do not advertise all that much, so personal recommendations are the only real way to find out about them. These companies tend to be the best, as they are not concerned about quantity, more the quality of the moves that they do. You may find however, that the result is an expensive but exclusive company, and you might not be able to foot the bill.

With this in mind, it is worth looking at other ways in which to ensure that you are getting a good deal, without the help of those close to you. For a start, online testimonials will give you a decent insight in to how a company works with it;s clients. You will no doubt have seen such websites popping up as you search for companies, so try entering the names of the firms that are near you, to see if there are any reviews that can help your decision. Look at the overall picture, rather than isolated incidents in the reviews. You will likely see a fairly mixed bag for a few companies, so the task is to look at how the trends pan out; are some companies late more often than others? Do the bad incidents that have happened with a certain company sound like they were the company’s fault? Whatever you think you can get from these reviews needs a decent bit of analysis, as you would not want to book a firm and then find that they were really unsafe with your things, which you could have found out form the reviews.

When calling these companies up, make sure that they can do the dates that you need, and the type of move that you are looking at doing. You will no doubt find that you need certain things that some companies can not do. Also, think about how the company is treating you as a customer; human intuition is a powerful thing, and if you feel like they are not giving you due attention, it is worth noting down for when you are making your decision. It is not wise to completely base a decision on this however.


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4 Tips For Conquering Your Self-Storage Clutter

If you’ve ever kept a storage unit for those irreplaceable items that you couldn’t bear to be without but didn’t like enough to actually have in your home, you’re not alone. Americans pumped an estimated $24 billion into their self-storage lockers in 2013, according to the Self Storage Association. And while the memory of what you have tucked in there quickly fades, the cost of keeping a storage unit doesn’t go away. If yours is packed to the ceiling with belongings that you’ve managed to live without after all, it might be time to sort it all out and make a few bucks in the process.

Time Your Attack

Don’t try to clean out your storage unit in just a few hours, one afternoon or even in just one day. Taking the luxury of time will make the whole task go much more smoothly. Plan your excavation over a weekend when you’re well-rested and have nothing but time to kill. Enlisting the help of family and friends and turning your task into a tailgate party will make the whole project more palatable. Friends are always more willing to help with overwhelming tasks when beer and pizza are involved.

Divide and Conquer

Show up at your unit with plenty of boxes, garbage bags and a nice empty truck bed for hauling, whether the destination is your new home, the local landfill or the Salvation Army Drop Off. Beginning at the front of the unit, sort items into categories — keep, donate, sell or toss. This is a classic de-cluttering trick that the best organizers use, as MSN Real Estate explains. Move the bigger items aside as you work and load the truck with each box as you fill it. If possible, save the items you’re keeping for the last load. This way you can fill stored luggage sets, dresser drawers and hampers with the things you’re keeping and load them on the truck for their final journey home.

Stay on Track

It’s also a good idea to set a future sale date in stone. Go ahead and post your auction ad or schedule your yard sale for a date several weeks into the future. This gives you a concrete date to work toward and will help reign you in if you wander off course.

Sell the Rest

Once everything is sorted, the good stuff has been taken home and the donate boxes delivered accordingly, it’s time to sell what’s left over in your storage unit. As Consumer Reports suggests, the easiest way to do this is to simply have an auction company come in and sell it for you. Some sell on-site and others take your items to their auction house to sell them there. Make sure you check with the management of your storage company first to see which method they prefer. One thing to keep in mind — selling your items at auctions won’t net you the most money. If you have valuable antiques to off-load, you’ll do better by having an appraiser come and look at your items to make you a credible offer.


Jonathan Ramirez

Jonathan is a full-time landlord and stay-at-home dad who manages 8 properties across his state and still manages to have family dinner on the table every night.