How to Use the Storage Auctions Expert Forums

We’ve set up the storage auctions expert forums so that everyone will have one convenient place to drop by with their auction related questions. Even if you just want to generally discuss topics pertaining to storage auctions, or the latest episodes of Storage Wars and your favorite characters, the Storage Auctions Kings Forums are your community based one-stop-shop for everything auction time. Heck, you can even ask around to see if someone in your area wants to share a ride into the next big local auction in your area!

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Introducing the Reality Show “Storage Wars”

Storage wars has been making a splash with reality television fans and storage auction gurus alike. Although it’s stylized in the typical fashion of most reality shows, meaning most characters’ egos are overblown and designed to clash with one another, there are some true and valid points here as regards the auction circuit. How much of this initial sneak peek into Storage Wars is legitimate and how much is worthless television fluff?

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How Do Wrongful Sales of Repossessed Storage Units Occur?

When it comes to auctioning off a repossessed storage unit, both the delinquent tenant and the storage company have strong interest in seeing this process carried out legally. That’s because the tenant usually wants their belongings back or to prevent a sale, whereas the self storage company needs to be careful to protect itself against a potentially devastating wrongful sale lawsuit. Most of the time, when we’re talking about wrongful sale lawsuits pertaining to the storage industry, all it takes is one or two slip-ups on the part of the property manager concerned with handling the delinquent storage locker.

The Law’s Probably on Your Side

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