Great Tips for Moving House with Small Ecological Footprint

As there are two sides to every coin, moving home is no exception. Although there are a million things to think of, do and pack, changing the address brings certain new prospects. In order to make the move itself easier, there are certain ways you can do things plus have small environmental footprint. Don’t believe us? Check these out!

Reduce Your Haul by Recycling First

Do you really need all the things you currently have? Didn’t think so. Why take them with you then? Not only will your move be cheaper if you decide to take only what you need, but you will use less packaging materials, less labor and require less fuel for the moving van. Therefore, pare down your stuff, gather up what’s left and have a moving sale to earn some ready cash for your trip, or enjoy some tax credits by donating your usable cast-offs to a charity or a non profit organization.

Use Recycled Boxes

There is nothing as good for packing things as cardboard boxes. As soon as you know you will be moving, have friends and family members save clean, sturdy cardboard boxes that you can use for your upcoming move. The other option is to ask the manager at your local supermarket if they can save you a dozen or so of their cast-off cardboard boxes. Most markets simply flatten and recycle the cardboard boxes used for shipping food products to their store locations and they are happy to have you take some boxes off of their hands.

Rent Packing Crates

If you are not such a big fan of cardboard boxes, or the majority of things you have won’t fit into them, there are companies that rent reusable packing crates. They can drop off the supply you need at your old location for packing purposes, then pick up the crates at your new location after you are done unloading your goods. This way you don’t have to think what to do with all the boxes once you’ve settled down.

Creative Packaging

There’s no need to spend money on expensive disposable packaging materials, such as bubble wrap, in order to protect your breakables during a move (except if you don’t regret buying them only to pop them afterwards). Start collecting your daily newspapers so you can wrap fragile items when packing, or consider using bed linen and towels as a substitute in case you need cushioning material when packing up your household treasures.

Eco Clean Your Home

One of the most horrible things with moving is having to clean someone else’s mess so you can actually live somewhere. Therefore, it is only fair to leave the space in such a state that the new tenants can move in without much fuss – this means you should clean your own mess and not leave it to others to have to clean after you. One of the options is to hire an environmentally friendly professional cleaning company to do a thorough steam cleaning  in every room in order to make your home more presentable. The other thing you can do is, if you are not so busy with moving, clean it yourself, but make sure you use non toxic and environmentally friendly cleaning products. After all, there’s no need to cause potential health issues with people who are coming to live there.

Commit to Less Clutter

Moving house is a chance for new beginnings. It is the perfect moment to stop collecting and hanging on to things you don’t actually need – one day you will be moving to a new home again, and you will have to let them go, so make your life easier – do not clutter.

When shopping for cleaning supplies for your new home, consider purchasing only environmentally friendly products. Set up a recycling station in your basement or garage. And make it a rule not to bring an item into your new home without throwing out or donating something else that is old or no longer needed. And above all – enjoy your new home and your new beginnings.


Moving? Here’s How to Take Your Boat with You

Regardless of whether you are moving across the state or across the country, if you have a boat, you’re going to have to find a way to get it to your new home. Unlike your grandma’s china and all of your clothing, you can’t exactly box up your boat and put it on the moving van. Fortunately, there are ways to transport your boat—including hiring a moving company and hauling it behind your car or truck. The following tips can help ensure that relocating your boat to its new place will go as smoothly as possible.

Contact Several Shipping Services

If you would like to hire a professional boat mover to relocate your watercraft, you should call several companies for estimates. Have the measurements of your boat handy and also the approximate distance that it will need to be moved. When speaking with representatives from the different carriers, Hurricane Marine Transport Inc. advises, ask them for their US DOT number, and now much cargo insurance they are currently carrying. This is a key piece of information to have—if a particular moving company has insurance up to $75,000 and your boat is worth much more than that, you should definitely do business with another company. It is also important to know what each company’s safety rating is. This is all information that reputable carriers will willingly give you. As you are speaking with the different companies and gathering quotes, be sure to also look up customer reviews of their services on the Better Business Bureau website or Yelp.

Consider Moving it Yourself

If you are making a relatively short move and you are already used to hauling your boat from its storage facility to a local marina, you might think about transporting your boat on your own. If your boat is quite expensive and you have a pretty long drive ahead of you, you might look into shrink wrapping the boat prior to your move. If you are not sure of how to do this, you can hire professionals to help you out. You should also make sure the gas tank is emptied out prior to hauling the boat, and remove items that stick out or up, like antennas.

Prepare Your Boat for the Move

Once you decide the best method of transportation for your boat, you need to get it ready for the big move. Make sure that the hatches of the vessel are sealed up tightly, and that everything that is stored inside the boat is secure. If you can, remove as many of the supplies from the boat as you can and take them with you in your own vehicle or the regular moving van. If you are moving during the colder months, you may wish to winterize your boat to prevent it from being damaged by snow or sleet, and for safety, disconnect your boat’s battery.

What to Do Upon Arrival

Once the move is over and you, your family and your boat are all settled in your new home, make sure you register your watercraft. The Take Me Fishing website is an excellent resource and allows you to learn the boat registration requirements for each state. Also, since boating license requirements can vary throughout the country, it’s possible that you will need to update your license. For example, if you have just relocated from Arizona to Oregon, a website like Boater Exam is a great resource that will allow you to study the state-specific requirements, take the test, and then print out your new Oregon Boater Education Card before heading out on the water.

Removals and Storage – A Quick Guide to Self-Storage

There are a vast amount of self-storage companies who are competing for business at the moment. But how does a person decide which is the best one for them? Here are some tips to help a customer decide.

Self-Storage –What is it?
Many people will use storage facilities for a number of reasons. When a business is moving premises, it may use a self- storage facility to store some of its furniture or belongings which, for size or other reasons, cannot be moved into the new premises. A new home owner may use storage facilities as their new home may not be big enough to store all of their belongings.

Research The Net
Most kentishtown storage companies will have a website, showcasing their products and their prices, along with reviews left by their customers. However, there are also independent self-storage websites, who will be able to review a company’s self-storage facilities without prejudice. It is best to have a look at both the company’s website and an independent website regarding self-storage before making a final decision.

Pick Up The Phone
Once a decision has been made, a customer can ring up the storage facility, asking for a quote. At this point, there isn’t any obligation for a customer to take up the offer.The representative of the company will explain the storage space available and the price for the storage, based on the size of the unit.

Accepting The Offer
Once the phone call is over, it will be up to the customer. They can contact more self- storage facilities, looking for a more attractive quote. However, if the customer is happy with the quote that has been given, they can call back the self-storage facility in question and accept their offer.

Usually, the self-storage facility will want a down payment in order to hold the unit for the customer. Once this has been done, the customer will be advised to come to the storage facility, in order that they can see the unit for themselves.

Seeing The Unit
It’s always best to come to the storage facility and check the unit space, in order to see whether the unit space is large enough to fit all of the customer’s belongings. In the event that the space is too small, the representative of the self-storage company may offer a larger unit instead.

Other Useful Information
When a customer decides to use a self-storage company’s facilities, it is usually for a short period of time. The minimum period of time permitted by most storage companies is four weeks. After that, the contract will continue to roll on each month until the customer decides to move out of the unit. The customer will be given a set of keys to the unit, which will give them access to the unit.

Some self-storage facilities will allow customers to use their unit during work hours, whereas others offer twenty four hour access to their unit. Most self-storage companies will advise the customer to take out some form of insurance, usually for a small fee. This will insure the customer against any loss of their possessions due to theft or fire. Space permitting, there is no limit as to how many possessions that a customer can store in their unit.

Moving out of the unit
Most self-storage facilities will want a notice in writing that a customer is wishing to move out of the unit. The notice can be done in the form of a letter or by email.


Guest Post: Why Self Storage Is The Way To Go When Moving Home

Moving home can be one of the most stressful times of anyone’s life, statistics show that moving home is more stressful than having a baby or starting a new job! There are things you can to make things much easier, one of these is the use of self storage facilities.

What Is Self Storage?

When people think of self storage, they think of Business owners renting space to store all of their stock and other important products. More and more people are turning to self storage when moving home, this saves a lot of time and hassle as you are able to pack up your possessions nicely into boxes way ahead of the actual moving day.

If you was to self store 80% of your home into a storage unit, once that day finally arrives you will already be set to go, you can just send the removals team down to the unit to collect all of your boxes and furniture, this leaves you room to clean the house from top to bottom ready for the new owners.

Storage units are incredibly flexible and come in wide range of sizes, from small little safety boxes up to huge rooms with double doors. Most facilities also have forklifts and trolleys to help you navigate through the vast corridors they have.

Security & Opening Times

Self storage facilities have some state of the art security systems, afterall, they are looking after some pretty important and expensive items! They would have 24/7 surveillance that covers every square inch of their premises, a 24 hour security team which monitors the building and does a walk around, some also have motion sensors and state of the art alarm systems.

Most storage units are available to access 24 hours a day 7 days a week and 365 days a year, so you can access your possessions any time you wish!

Protecting Your Own Items

I have created the following infographic about self storage and packing tips, this will ensure you pack your own items well so they are safe and protected from damage:

moving home infographic

Storage facilities will not do the packing for you, it is up to you to store your items well and make sure they cannot be damaged, if packed correctly, all should be fine within the storage facility. Most removal companies actually prefer to pick up from these types of facilities as it makes their job so much easier, there is no tight doors or spaces to get through, it is so much easier for them! I used self storage when moving to London, I looked up some Cambridge removal companies and chose the best one. They were able to move all of my stuff from storage into the lorry within the hour!

Biography: Storage facilities are great for all types of items, they can even store cars for you in locked garages, this is great for when you declare a car off-road and wish to sell it online, it is also good for preserving a car and keeping it away from the weather. Storage units are not that expensive to keep, the bigger you go the more you pay, it is as simple as that! When owners of units do not pay their bill, the storage company will auction off the unit to help pay for the bill, more more about auctions you can see our auction list here.


Guest Post: Prepare And Pack Your Possessions For The Storage Container

It is not easy letting your possessions be in the hands of strangers. However, if you use a professional company, you can count on them to keep your belongings safe whilst you are away from them. Before your things go into storage, however, it is vital that they are packed well beforehand. This way, they will definitely stay in safe condition whilst kept in a storage unit.

Of course, you do not want to leave your belongings in a bad condition when you leave them. It is important to make sure they are prepared and packed well before they are placed into the storage facility. Then, when you return to them, they will be back in immaculate condition! So, you may ask how does one prepare and pack possessions well.

It is not too hard. Even if you have not had a large amount of experience in packing before, with a few simple guidelines it will be a piece of cake for you. So, for this reason, you have absolutely no reason to worry! Follow these steps and your possessions will be packed to perfect and no harm will touch them.
First and foremost, before you start packing a thing, you must get organized. This is critical. It is a vital step in the process of packing for storage.

So, make a list of everything you have and then fraction them out so that you have the fragile items, clothes, etc. Then, of course, you need to make sure they are packed that way. Pack fragile items in one box and so on. However, before that – before they are placed into boxes – you need to wrap your items well. For instance, the fragile items like your ornaments and so on must be wrapped in materials like bubble wrap and tissue paper etc. You certainly do not want any of your belongings getting damaged.

It certainly isn’t nice to be acquainted with a box of broken goods at the other end. You want your things to remain safe and sound the entire time. As long as your belongings are wrapped and packaged well, there is no reason at all why they won’t stay safe! They will stay fine. Then, you need to start boxing them up and packaging the box out with bubble wrap or cellophane. Then all should remain intact.
Lastly, you must label everything! Nothing at all should be missed out! Everything should be labeled so you know exactly what is in each and every box.

It is far safer and much simpler doing it this way. Then you won’t have to look in any of the boxes to know how to handle each box. Simply state “fragile” or “clothing or “kitchen items” etc. It all makes it easier for you. It also prevents damage. At least when you know you are handling the fragile things, you need to be careful.

You can choose from a range of storage services but it is crucial that your items are packed well before being put into storage units. If you need storage, make sure you hire professionals and you can have all the storage space you need. In order for your belongings to be in secure storage, they need to be packaged well.

This is definitely not a step you should miss at all. Make sure you pack well before using storage and then you can rest assured knowing that all of your things are safe and sound. You won’t have to worry at all! You know it makes sense to pack well.


Self-Storage Tips and Guidelines

There are many times in our lives when we need more space, so that can be arranged by using a self-storage facility for your needs. No matter where you are, you will need to prepare yourself ahead of time for it before you can use such a facility. The tips ahead are meant to prepare you ahead of time:

You should start your packing process by using pallets on the floor of your new storage space. You will need this if you want to keep your possessions safe, so you should use such an approach. Moisture can easily ruin most of what you will store, so this will help keep things safe at all times, especially when combined with a good air conditioned storage unit.

Another thing you must consider is to wrap most of the items as well as you can to keep them from changing conditions. You would do well to focus on industrial grade plastic wrap, which will allow you to seal things from pests and insects of all kinds. Check for larger rolls of shrink wrap in your local stores, but keep in mind that moisture may get in the way if you’re not careful.

You should also get a good, small and strong lock to add more protection to your storage unit. No matter how good a security you have at the facility itself, it may not be such a bad idea to have this good secondary line of defense. Pick a padlock that has a short arm where intruders won’t have an easy time sliding a bolt cutter to work on it.

Labeling each of the items and making a good inventory is an imperative if you want to keep things organized and easy to work with. You may know what you’re putting in right now, but you should keep in mind that later down the line that may not be so. Make sure you label things and keep records of what goes inside so you won’t have to worry about it later. You will need to setup a system that works for better organizational awareness, so focus on it.

Make sure you plan for changes in temperature when you’re preparing things. The more sensitive items will need to be padded with bubble wrap or another type of padding. Do the same for electronics and other sensitive items.

Do the stacking as best as you can, packing things well but not all the way to the ceiling. Put some plywood between the stacks for a more added stability when you work. Never stack things all the way to the ceiling, as it will make it impossible to pull things out if you do so.

Guest Post: Can Storage Benefit Your Removal?

There are many aspects you will have to consider for a home removal. These will include researching the process so you have a full understand of it and planning the task so you have what you need and are ready for everything. You will obtain all the necessary services well in advance and stock up on wrapping and boxes. You will then go through your things, sort them, enfold them in the protective wrapping and then place them in suitable boxes. You will carry items in and out of your home, as well as on and off vehicles. You transport must be large enough so you can safely get all your things to your new address.

One aspect that is often overlooked but can be extremely useful for removals is storage. Having access to a spacious and secure spot to place things can help in various aspects of your removal, especially in its ability to counter problems that can occur. If you are not sure what storage could be used for or how to utilise it properly, then read on.

Storage is best used in advance of your move. You can start your packing many weeks in advance of your move by wrapping up non-essential items and placing them into boxes. Rather than then having the containers cluttering up your home, you can take them to your storage unit where they will be safe until the actual move. You can then collect them and take them to your new address. This service also allows you to unpack things gradually, rather than rushing to get all of your boxes emptied and sorted, you can leave unnecessary items in your unit, collect them sporadically, and unpack them at your own pace.

Often in a move, problems and delays can occur. You may not be able to move directly into your new address from your current abode because of various occurrences. These can include the tenants of your new home not yet have vacated despite the deadline, you may be away during the move, your new residence may be having construction, plumbing, decorating, etc. If you find yourself waiting for your new home to become available, you can vacate your old abode and safely place things in your storage until the move is back on course.

If you gain access to the support of a top storage and moving firm then there is a lot you can expect. You should be able to hire a unit right for you, so it will be the perfect size, shape, type, etc. You should be able to hire it for as long as you need and access whenever you like so you can always store or access your goods. You should expect no limit for how long you can book your unit, so you can utilise just on the day of your move or for many months to years if need be.

The unit your hire should be right for you, so don’t obtain one that doesn’t match your needs. It can be useful to wrap up items further or over then in tarp to guarantee an extra layer of protection so your things will remain safe, clean and dry. You should make an inventory of what you place inside so you do not forget or lose anything. Arrange items carefully, so heavier items are at the back, with smaller ones at the front, though an object you are more likely to need should be close to the entrance. Stack boxes so they won’t fall and you must certify that nothing heavy in placed onto fragile item.

Storage is the Convenient Choice to keep Domestic and Commercial Contents Safe

You may need to find some room to store your belongings when you are decorating or moving house or office. Whether it is for office equipment, electronics, furniture or stock or home contents renting storage space can help in all of these situations. Moving house or work premises are big jobs and you can find yourself with a lot of surplus stuff that you want to keep but probably won’t have sufficient room for.

Hiring extra storage can make all the difference. A lot of people find themselves with just too much clutter and though you can have a clear out and sell, donate or dump some of it there is always things you will want to keep. It means that your belongings are safe and secure for a time length to suit you.

Storage options to suit all needs
Nowadays there are solutions to a lot of problems and one of them is storage. Whether you are a business and either moving to a bigger or smaller work place, you may need to find some spare room for stock or furniture.

You may be moving house and need temporary storage until your new home is ready. Or you may be renovating your house and need to empty the contents to have the work completed. Are you intending to move abroad for a while and need to place your belongings into secure storage? There are endless reasons why you may need to hire some extra storage space. But, whatever your reason you will find a result to storing your possessions.

The convenience of storage
If you decide you need to rent a storage room, you will have to research companies in your area. There will be a good choice of options available to you. Storage units are well kept and clean and located in safe environments with round the clock surveillance. Other safety measures will be electronic gated facilities, alarms and intercom.

There will be a choice of security levels which depends on what you storing. Usually there is parking to make loading and unloading easier and convenient. A site manager is usually on hand. You will have the advantage of accessing the room when you want, or check with your company for any specific times you can enter the unit. You may have to provide the details of who will be entering the unit for safety measures and if it changes you will have to inform the company and show identity.

Storing is an ideal answer for most clients

Storage rooms are available in different sizes so it is a good idea to have a good idea of the amount you want to store. Request a meeting to ask for a more accurate quote and measurement of your goods. This enables you to book a storage unit to suit your requirements and saves you wasting money of surplus space you don’t need.

You can choose short or long term time lengths to store your possessions. There will be the opportunity to choose a room that is climate controlled if you have belongings that need to be stored a specific temperature. You can discuss your requests with the company who will supply all the advice and information and what you can and can’t store with them.

You can check smaller details with storage companies such as other services on offer such as help with packing and loading the units. In addition you will have the option to purchase extra insurance cover from the company for your peace of mind.

More tips that might come in handy find at:

If It’s Time for a Change, Relocate To These Top Spots

Moving to a brand new city isn’t easy, but for many people, it can open up a world of opportunities. Perhaps your passion lives elsewhere, or you’re stuck in a dead end job and have always dreamed of moving somewhere warmer and starting your own business. Maybe you live in Bismarck, North Dakota and you’d rather spend your weekends surfing, or you’ve always lived in the same place and just want to experience something different.

Whatever the reason, these up-and-coming cities may be destinations that you haven’t considered, but just might be ideal.

Portland, Oregon

Portland has a reputation as a dreary, rainy city, but the reality is there is less rain on average annually than what you’ll find in New York City. Winters are a lot milder compared to many other areas of the country, and summers are idyllic. Save your winter gear for trips to the nearby Cascades and buy a rain jacket that will allow you to enjoy the great outdoors almost all year long.

Photo by Fcb981 via Wikimedia Commons

In September 2013, job growth was predicted to accelerate throughout the state of Oregon, adding nearly 32,000 jobs in 2013 and almost 37,000 in 2014, with the majority of job growth concentrated in the Portland metro area. Your dollar will go further here too, as you can enjoy shopping without any sales tax in this state.

If you enjoy sipping micro-brews, Portland boasts more breweries per capita than any other city in the nation, with more than 70 in the metro area. It’s also an outdoor enthusiasts’ paradise with easy access to the spectacular Oregon coast and beach towns like Seaside, which is popular for ocean surfing. The Columbia River, which draws windsurfers from across the globe, is just minutes away, while Mount Hood is known for hiking as well as winter sports like skiing and snowboarding.

Albuquerque, New Mexico

If you’re looking for a sunny, dry climate, Albuquerque might just fit the bill. The city enjoys an average of 310 days of sunshine, as well as relatively mild winters. In the wintertime, you can go skiing on Sandia Peak, just minutes from downtown, and play a round of golf the same day.

For those in the high tech industry, the city boasts more high tech jobs per capita compared to any other in the U.S. with the exception of Silicon Valley. If you’d rather start your own business, the Business Journal ranked it as one of the top cities in the country for small business.

With spectacular scenic views, including the Sandia Mountains rising up along the eastern side of the city and the beautiful Rio Grande to the west, you may want to add a sun room or picture windows to your new home from which to take it all in.

Boulder, Colorado

Boulder has long been known as a top destination for outdoor lovers, but it’s also become a hub for tech startups; in fact, a 2013 study named it number one in the nation for startups, even over the Silicon Valley area of California.

This beautiful city with a population of just over 100,000, sits against a backdrop of the Flatirons Mountain Range and has frequently been rated as one of the happiest and healthiest in the country, too. In 2013, it fell in at number two, partially due to the healthy lifestyle of residents, made easier with the opportunity for numerous outdoor activities like hiking and biking. As one of America’s top biking cities, it can even boast the second-highest percentage of bike commuters in the nation. If you don’t have one already, consider investing in a good bike and saving on the all of the costs related to commuting via a motorized vehicle.

While you may think winters here would be miserable, Boulder actually has a high desert climate with moderate temperatures and an average of 300 days of sunshine each year.

Guest Post: Self-Storage Unit for Rent. Some Helpful tips.

One of the most popular and practical services in the world, rental self-storage units are an excellent tool for a client base. Using a service of that kind requires some prior preparation, so the following tips will give you what you need to know to make it happen:

The first thing you must consider when you’re planning ahead is to consider the length of time you will plan to use the storage unit for. If you happen to need it for less time, then it may be a good idea to use a smaller space, since you will likely not need to spend too much time on adding new items to your storage.

You can downsize and dispose of what you don’t need to save yourself some money in the process. Dispose, sell, donate, whatever it is you need to do to make things less problematic for storage in the long run.

Next on the list is figuring out the exact space you need to work with. If the unit happens to be too small, then you will need to cram things too much. If you have too much space, then you will simply waste a lot of it as well as paying for it in the process. You will need to calculate your needed space as best as you can for maximum efficiency.

You will also need to figure out how you will use the space and why. If you’re preparing to move to a new home, then you will need to take care of a lot of furniture pieces for storage.

This is one of the main reasons why people look forward to using self-storage. You can usually look for two distinct options when it comes to it, such as stationary storage – the usual solution, or on the other hand you can look for mobile storage instead.

Mobile or portable storage units allow you to keep your possessions close to your home. You will also have a chance to move them across distances as you see fit. That way you won’t have to worry about deadlines in your moving process, allowing you to do the packing and moving at your own pace.

Whether you decide to use this option or the more traditional storage is up to you, but in the end each of them has its own benefits and drawbacks.

You must choose to either do your packing yourself or have the company get it done for you. Packing some of your belongings by yourself might be a bit of a problem, since you may damage them or pack them wrong. If you let the company do the packing for you, then you will have access to better insurance.

To obtain more tips, that might come in handy, visit: