Guest Post: Storage Auction Types

Today we’re featuring a guest post by Matt Schexnayder, one of Sparefoot’s marketing team-members. SpareFoot is the largest online marketplace for self-storage. With more than 5,000 self-storage facilities listed nationwide, SpareFoot offers consumers the most complete comparison shopping experience in the storage industry.

It has been a big part of the national moving and storage industry for over 3 years. Matt also writes for the SpareFoot Blog as well as a blog for self-storage facility operators at

Storage Auction Types

With the recent popularity of shows like Storage Wars and Auction Hunters, more and more people are attending storage auctions. Storage auctions typically occur when self-storage units have been abandoned or a tenant has over stayed their agreed upon time limit. After that, the facility manager will hold an auction to the public allowing for people to bid on its contents. If you have never been to one, you should consider attending, it really is a lot of fun.

What most people don’t know about storage auctions is that there are two different types that can occur. The first involves auctioning off the contents of the unit as an entire package. Those bidding in these types of auctions will view the content from the front where the door opens or rolls up. Meaning that they can only make a bid on what they see and guess what might also be hidden beyond that (much like what is done on Storage Wars).

Typically, these kinds of storage auctions involve a professional auctioneer, but some managers do choose to handle their own auctions.

The second of the two storage auction types involves auctions of single items. These kinds do rely on a professional paid auctioneer to manage the process but also allow for the person bidding to get a good view of the items, which may or may not include some sort of vehicle or some premium merchandise like valuable antiques.

This type may also be combined with the first, where those premium items are sold separately while the rest of the items are sold in bulk.
Either way, there is a considerable opportunity to pick up some great stuff at a cheap price.

In smaller cities, for example at Colorado Springs storage facilities, auctions may not be held quite as often as in larger cities, but you should think about making the trip; it really is quite an experience. Just think of it as the modern approach to garage or yard sales and who knows, maybe you will come across some forgotten treasure.

-Thanks Matt! Be sure to check out if you’re looking for the best deals on storage in your area.


Today we’re putting the spotlight on a local storage company that’s making big waves – being filmed by Storage Wars big!

With 30 years of experience in the self-storage business, this company is doing a lot of things right when it comes to taking care of their tenants and running their facilities well enough to catch the attention of the Storage Wars crew.

Their Highland Self Storage Facility in San Bernardino, California was chosen for filming and you can currently see it featured in Episode 7 of Storage Wars’ Second Season. Let’s take a look at some of the design elements that makes their website an example of a well put together self storage portal.

Operating Cave Creek Self Storage Phoenix, AZStoney Creek Self Storage Highland, CA and Highland Self Storage San Bernardino, CA, these folks have a slick, helpful website that’s worth a look. is the web portal for the overall company and it has a couple of key design winners that storage owners and managers should take note of.

Easy on the eyes, fast to to load and simple to navigate, MyStorage-Solutions makes it simple for visitors to find their locations and get in touch with company representatives, two things every self storage website should do.

Visitors can read about the types of storage units for rent, read customer testimonials and learn about special offers, such as the free use of a moving truck. These elements are essential for converting curious visitors into paying customers – if your storage website doesn’t already feature these pages, it definitely should.

What truly speaks to modern convenience is MyStorage-Solutions’ integration with an online payment system that feeds directly into SiteLink, storage facility management software. This system allows current tenants to pay their rent from the comfort of their own home (or anywhere their travels might take them) and it totally eliminates the hassle of trying to get in touch with your property’s manager when you’re out of town or on the go.

Best of all, the payments feed automatically into SiteLink, meaning that the system will update the customer’s account to reflect payments made. This cuts out the risk of incurring late fees when you can’t reach the facility manager and makes payment a breeze for MyStorage-Solutions customers.

With more than 9500 companies using SiteLink worldwide, it’s the premium choice for reliability – and now MyStorage-Solutions customers can take advantage of easy online payments to make their storage experience even simpler. I’m seeing plenty of other companies that use SiteLink on their properties but haven’t yet made the effort to link up their systems for online payments.

My own customers raved about the new system when we finally began offering online storage payments because it just freed up so much time for them.

Combining visual appeal, ease of use and a full-fledged online payment system, MyStorage-Solutions is doing an exemplary job of using the web to make self storage a more fluid process for their customers.