Bill the Air-Conditioning Expert and Part-time Storage Auction Guru

Bill and his wife have lived on the Big Island of Hawaii for over a decade. While Bill’s usual 9 to 5 is installing air-conditioners, as well as diagnosing and servicing the heating and air-conditioning systems of his loyal clients, he has picked up a side hobby in the past few years that has recently started to pay him large dividends. What, you ask, could top a busy and well-trusted specialist’s usual salary? Well, buying and selling the proceeds of self storage auctions, of course!

Bill has been a regular fixture at many local self storage auctions over the past few months. He comes prepared with a few hundred bucks cash and a powerful hand-held flashlight that he uses to examine the contents of the storage units up on the chopping block. Many advanced storage auction buyers and sellers come prepared with similar hand-held flood lights so that they can get a better idea of the contents of a unit without violating the auction rules and stepping over the threshold of a unit.

Bill attended several auctions in the last few weeks in the Kailua-Kona area of Hawaii. He told me that his efforts had been paying off recently. One auction that he won a couple of months back was for Continue reading “Bill the Air-Conditioning Expert and Part-time Storage Auction Guru”