Top 21st Century Office Trends

The way that organisations are doing business is changing. With brand new technologies emerging nearly every day and fresh takes on architecture and design becoming mainstream, businesses are altering their approach to office design. Fewer and fewer executives and directors are overlooking operations from highest floor of their office building, and walls between managers and their staff are crumbling. Today’s office space of the 21st century is constantly evolving, with these being the top five trends we’ve seen so far.

1. Open Concept Designs

As the research continues to stack up proving the importance of employee-to-employee and employee-to-manager interaction, a growing number of organizations are choosing to break down the walls between employees and between leadership. Daring businesses have even removed barriers between break rooms and meeting rooms and instead of using desks now promote employees to work at shared desks or tables. The more a sense of community is heralded as the ideal way to run a business, the more this open workspace design option will grow.

2. Better Use of Space 

Space efficiency isn’t only necessary for a neater and tidier office, but it can help a business save on one significant expense: real estate. Whether you rent or own the space your company occupies, every inch that your business “stuff” occupies is taking up useful space that can be better used by you and your employees.

Tackling space efficiency typically involves two key points:

Improved organisation

Less “dead” space

When companies choose an office fit out in London with Saracen Interiors, the company does more than throw in some shelving units. A professional refurbishing company will look at every square inch of office space, see how it’s used, and will then begin the task of improving organisation and eradicating any seldom used areas (a.k.a. “dead” space) within the business. This often means fewer private offices and transforming them into collaborative team building areas, lounges, or a better break room.

3. Sustainable Furniture and Materials

Reducing our carbon footprint isn’t only something that we should be doing in our personal lives; it’s something that our businesses are also beginning to proactively take part in as well. Today’s modern business is opting for renewable or recycled materials that are free of toxins and are energy efficient. This is not only helpful to the planet, but it also helps boost the company’s bottom line.

Apart from cutting costs, sustainable materials, furnishings and furniture bring a host of other benefits:

These materials help create a toxin-free environment

Being unique, items made of sustainable materials can help inspire imagination and innovation, helping take your business to the next level

Being modern, many of the furniture is designed to the latest and greatest standards in office furniture, including being completely ergonomic

At the end of the day (or our lifetime), these office materials won’t be adding waste to our already overtaxed landfills and instead will be helping the business and the planet it exists on thrive.

4. Socially Responsible

Not only are 21st century companies caring more about what materials they’re using in the work place and their impact on the environment, but they’re also concerned about their impact on humanity. The end of the 20th century saw a spur of businesses include social responsibility into their business models, and the number of organisations choosing to follow suit are increasing. Take TOM’s Shoes, for example. Their catchy slogan of “One for One, One for All” describes exactly what it is they do: a customer buys one pair of shoes, and the company matches that purchase with one free pair going to an individual in need.

But TOM’s isn’t the only company following this “new norm.”  Several smaller businesses have made this an integral part of their business, including:

Out of Africa (A cosmetics company which donates a portion of their proceeds to the education and medical care of children, and assists with female job creation in West Africa)

Charitable Agents (Real estate agents who are part of this network donate a portion of their commission to a client’s favourite charity)

Krochet Kids (formed by three high school friends, these now grown adults teach others in Uganda and Peru how to crochet, allowing once impoverished people to make a fair wage through the sale of their goods)

Social responsibility isn’t just a “small business” trend, either. Many of today’s largest corporations are taking numerous actions to help support the less fortunate, budding entrepreneurs, and governments. Some of the most dominant corporations include:


Walt Disney



5. Intuitive Technology Integration

Another massive trend in office renovation and refurbishing is switching out old and dated technologies to brand new more efficient technologies that are helping businesses cut costs. Some of these technologies include:

Programmable lighting that operates not only when you need it, but also at the level of light required for you to work productively. These lights also automatically shut off whenever the room is empty and not in use.

Thermal shades that automatically rise and lower depending on the room temperature and the weather outdoors. This keeps the room temperature consistent, comfortable, and reduces energy costs. These can also be lowered completely on a timer or upon demand, doubling up as a fantastic security feature for a business.

Tech equipped offices and conference rooms. Conference rooms that have been outfitted with the latest high quality conference equipment and interactive whiteboards can effectively exchange ideas anywhere and at any time. This not only vastly improves business communications, but these technologies also reduce the expense and carbon footprint of a business by reducing or eliminating the need for business travel

Offices that can be controlled from your smartphone or tablet. Some businesses have taken technology to the extreme by being able to control the entire office environment from their smartphone or tablet, such as temperature control, security systems, system shutdowns, and more.

Guest Post: Top Tips. How to Pick Out Hidden Gems at a Storage Auction

Here at Storage Auctions Kings, we’ve talked in the past about the effect that certain TV shows have had on people’s expectations of storage auctions. Some now see them as a great way to make a quick buck – and in some cases this may be true – but it’s by no means a rule. Just like any other pursuit or activity, getting ‘good’ at storage auctions is a matter of practice and experience. It’s tricky to make that happen overnight. But with the right coaching and information to hand, you’ve got a much better chance of finding a real treasure trove. That’s why we’ve put together this guide to spotting hidden gems when that door slides open…


There are of course many different types of electronics you can keep an eye out for: everything from TVs to stereos. But there are also a few vintage items which are currently selling for quite a bit – if you can get your hands on them. Items such as retro video game consoles are very popular right now. Look out for the Commodore 64, the Atari 2600 or the Nintendo Virtual Boy. These gadgets will fetch between 100 and 500 dollars each, potentially much more if the condition is right. Other valuable electronics include vintage wireless radios and Betamax players. If it’s possible to see from outside of the locker, try to ensure that these electronic items are in working order, because nothing sinks a valuation faster than an item that doesn’t work anymore, regardless of estimated value.


There’s nothing quite like the feel of a genuine, high-quality leather sofa, and in that regard, tastes haven’t changed much! What that means is that there are many items of vintage furniture that could be hiding in storage lockers all over the country. The 50s and 60s in particular were times when furniture design was at its most wacky and inventive, particularly that of leather sofas and sectionals. Because leather furniture is hard-wearing and, due to its expense, has generally been covered by insurance and well looked-after, you can find some examples in excellent nearly-new condition. Examples of furniture to look out for include the VIG Chesterfield sofa, the Padma’s Plantation sectional and the Fabio Leather Cinema sofa. It’s a good idea to do some research and discover the varying designs of rare and vintage furniture so that when that locker door opens, your trained eye will instantly spot that hidden gem – before any of the other bidders do.


As the home décor trends grow and evolve over time, objects you may never expect can easily become antiques. It’s not all dusty grandfather clocks and tables! In fact, some of the most mundane items by appearance may actually be the most valuable. When you’re glancing into a locker, don’t discount something just because it may appear to be a beat-up has-been. Some of the world’s most valuable antiques don’t look my much from the outside, but wind up being worth thousands of dollars. Take the Germain Royal Soup Tureen, for example. This outwardly seems to be a simple soup bowl, albeit decorated quite intricately – but its real value is over $8 million! It’s this type of unassuming object that can make the difference between an amateur storage hunter and a real pro… although we can’t make any guarantees of finding millions, naturally!

Final thought

Don’t forget: if you want to be as successful as possible in the storage auction business, you’ll need to know exactly what you’re looking at in every bin. Why not take a ‘zero spend’ trip to an auction to test the waters. Observe what others are doing, identify the gems, and use that knowledge to make your next auction the best one yet. Alternatively, watching the many storage auction TV shows can be helpful for picking up hints and tactics. These are of course dramatized (it’s TV after all), but at its heart there is something to be gleaned by the budding amateur storage auction king. Another great tip is to follow your gut: if you spot something hiding at the back of a locker and you get that ‘feeling’ – just go for it. You never know, it might just be the piece that makes you rich.


Guest Post: Packing Heavy Items

Moving home can be an exciting time for anyone. However, if you speak to anyone who has moved home you may find that the joys of being somewhere new and starting the next chapter of your life can be ruined if you hurt yourself whilst trying to re-locate years’ worth of accumulated possession. There are many little tips and tricks you can follow to reduce the risk of bad backs and achy arms so that you can settle in to your new home pain free.

Start early

Starting early is the key to any home move. The task will always be bigger and more time consuming than you expect, regardless of how well organised you are or how much you’ve planned it out. If you start early you minimise the risk of panic packing last minute which often results in over filled boxes. Rushing to get everything packed and loaded frequently ends in little concern being taken when lifting and carrying boxes and this can take its toll on your body. Start early, pack smart and minimise the last minute rush!


When moving home it’s a case of less is best when sorting through clothes and household items but this is not the attitude you should take when it comes to the boxes you’ll be using when you move. Whether you get them from a supermarket, recycle gadget boxes or buy them from a packing firm it is always best to over-prepare. That way you minimise the temptation to over-fill boxes if you run out and thus reducing the weight of each individual box. If you have a lot of heavy items such as kitchen ware and books you’ll need more boxes to spread the weight. It’s always best to get a variety of different sized boxes as it allows you to use the larger boxes for lighter more bulky items leaving the smaller boxes for heavier items therefore making sure they aren’t too heavy to lift.  If you are on a tight budget many packing box companies offer to buy back any unused boxes you have bought from them.

Use what you already have

A key trick to helping minimise bulk and weight is utilising any luggage you already have. Suitcases take up a lot of space however the ones with wheels are a great solution when it comes to packing up heavier items. Due to the shape they are perfect for books, DVDs and picture frames. The wheels mean they are easy to transport even when heavy. However, make sure you can still lift them safely so that getting them in and out of the van isn’t dangerous.

Bundle your books

Books and papers are heavy when in bulk lots and because they fit so well in to boxes they are one of the most common items that people over pack. If you are worried about the weight of your boxes or struggling to find enough boxes to pack your items in, leave the books out and bundle them. By tying them together with string you can keep them in manageable, easy to lift chunks, therefore minimising the risk to your back when loading and unloading. Bundling them with string also means it’s easier to locate a specific book once you’ve moved as they aren’t hidden away in a sea of brown cardboard. This is especially useful when packing important work or study books and papers as it minimises the need to rummage through boxes cursing when you realise you need a book or document.



Guest Post: Benefits and Uses of Self Storage

Who doesn’t want to be able to store easily everything they own? We all buy stuff that we sometimes don’t use and we all need more storage space in our homes. What is the best way to store all your extra items, without cluttering your home? One of the ways is by investing in a private storage unit. It could be the best decision you’ve ever made – an opportunity to declutter your home and ensure complete safety for your belongings. Not everything can be stored at home – some items require special handling and packaging, others require a climate-controlled environment and some are simply too big to store in the garage. The growth in self-storage industry has been significant in the past decade. It’s because more and more people need extra space, while homes are becoming smaller and smaller. Whichever the reason, a storage unit is a great way to keep your precious possessions and have access to them without cluttering your home. Self-storage units can be used in many ways. Here are some of their basic purposes and some modern usages.

  • A convenient back-up plan for a family on the move: Everyone knows how hard relocations are, especially when you end up realizing you own more that you had imagined. Suddenly it seems like mission impossible to pack it all and move it within a reasonable budget. Some of your items will have to be trashed, while others could be recycled. But what should you do with those you’d like to keep, yet won’t be able to accommodate in your future home? Do you simply get rid of them? Not necessarily – you could rent a self-storage unit and save yourself the trouble and the stress. Once you have moved and managed to settle down, you could take the time to figure out what to do with each item – throw it away, sell it or give it to charity.
  • During renovation or remodeling of the house: Yet another convenient usage of self-storage is while you are busy renovating your house and everything is a big mess. People usually take this opportunity to also do a house clearance and get rid of some of the old and unwanted items. Put them in a temporary storage unit, until you decide how to proceed. This way you can focus on the renovation works without getting distracted.
  • For collections: One of the many uses of a self-storage unit is for keeping there various collectables. If you have a hobby that requires lots of equipment, you could easily store it in a climate-controlled unit. You could put shelves inside and make it extremely convenient.
  • Warehouse for small businesses: A storage unit can be the perfect place to store documents, equipment or furniture. It’s safe and easy and you won’t be worried about your inventory.

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Guest Post: A Removal Company Can Be Hired For An Hour

A van removal service doesn’t have to be hired for an entire afternoon. In fact, a removal van can be chosen for an hour. If you’re moving and don’t have long to do so, this is very convenient. This is because you can move boxes into a new home soon after being given the keys to it.


Just like in other cities in the UK, there are plenty of options to choose from when a removal van  is required. Professional removal companies could be hired or those which help people move in their free time. When searching for a removal company, it is recommended that you spend a long time on doing so. By getting in touch with a removal company via email or telephone and asking about their experience, you can determine which one should be hired. You could even search online for testimonials by previous customers of theirs. It is very important that numerous quotes are obtained. Some removal companies might reduce their prices considerably when a vehicle is hired for a short period of time. By stating how long a vehicle is needed for, an accurate quote will be given.


There are many situations when choosing a house moving van for a short period of time is in your best interests:


–       Furniture

A van doesn’t have to be hired when moving home. This is because it could be chosen for picking up furniture which has been bought online. The cost for delivery which is charged by a furniture retailer could be much more than what a removal man  asks for renting a vehicle for an hour. It is also more convenient too. This is because you won’t have to wait at home for what you’ve ordered to be delivered because you can pick it up yourself.


–       Local tip

If much of your home has been decorated and there is a lot of debris, it should be taken to a local tip. When your car is not very big, it can take a long time to transport debris to a tip. It can even cause damage too. However, a removal van is very convenient. This is because debris can be transported in a single trip. Even if a van is hired for an hour, several trips to a local tip can be done.


–       Job interview

Although it is an extreme example, you could choose a van for getting to a job interview because it is cheaper than public transport. If you’re concerned that you will be late for an important job interview, you could pick up a vehicle from a hire company that has many offices. You could discover that a vehicle can be dropped off in the same city which your interview is being held at. This is because the company it was chosen from has premises there.


–       Test drive

If you want to buy a van but aren’t sure which one should be chosen, you could rent it for a short period of time. A test drive doesn’t last for an hour and can be for about fifteen minutes. When a removal van is hired for an hour, you can test drive and check to see if it is the one which you will then buy. This option is suitable if a vehicle manufacturer does not have a showroom in the city which you live in. Therefore, you can drive multiple vehicles and probably won’t have to pay a lot of money either.


Choosing a removal van on a short term basis is beneficial on many accounts. Why not consider it if you need a vehicle for a couple of hours or just sixty minutes?


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Guest Post: The Vital Choices for a Commercial Move

A good businessman must possess the necessary qualities to go through a removal of its company from one place to another at least once. As a leader of a company you will be exceptionally lucky if you actually manage to protect your moving company from going through an office removal at all. This however is an unlikely possibility unless you are a superb genius or unless you are happy to continue with the very same pace. Usually successful and ongoing businessmen choose to keep the business at the same place and not go through the trouble to relocate the whole thing with the risk of ruining it. However, for those of you who are bold enough to attempt it and take the chance, you must be aware that you will have to follow several main steps in order to properly complete your business removal.

These most important steps first and foremost begin with choosing the appropriate location for your location. The new location should be able to offer you better business offers and better long-term opportunities for a development of your financial successes and business. After you have chosen a location that comes as close as possible to the one hundred percent success of your business company you need to start looking at the location as a suitable place for your employees. You will conduct a research or a questionnaire in advance in order to find out where do your employees live and then you will be searching appropriately the location.

In fact it is better to begin with searching the most suitable location through those ones that will fulfill the comforts of your removal in the best manner possible. In truth there is no point whatsoever to search for a new location for your move if you fail to bring at least more than half of the employees that were employed at your firm beforehand. In fact even the omission of several ones of them might result in the lowered quality of the functionality of your business especially if we are talking about important high-ranked employees. So, every time that you are doing a business removal you have to make sure that the least thing that will get damaged or in all honesty if you are looking to make the perfect decision not damaged at all is the process of work. There is no point at all to do a removal if this removal in any way will damage your process of work.

Then you will have to take care more individually about the working spaces and the offices of the building. You need to remember that once again you need to contact your employees and every one of them for that matter and understand all of their individual desires and ideas about changing and from there improving the old offices in the face of the new ones. Providing comfortable working space for your people is quite essential because you will be in charge of those people after the removal and this will not only greatly increase their respect for you the improved environment will also successfully manage to boast the working rates and will successfully support the working process and the efficiency of the job getting done.

To sum up you need to take care and participate in the preparation and the work connected with every stage of the business removal-with some stages more efficiently and much more self-indulgently but ultimately you need to make vital touches in each and every one of them throughout the entire process.

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Making a Packing Plan- Better Option for Your Move

Planning is the least tiring part of the removal process but you should never tend to it lightly. Remember that good planning will be vital for the success and the pleasure you feel, if you feel any throughout the removal process. First of all, you need to take into considerations several things that you are planning. Apart from dividing the plan for the work and the financial plan-which is essentially your budget you need to also take into consideration if you will be using professional help or not because this will drastically change the plans one way or another.

Furthermore, you need to be perfectly aware of how many people will be helping you so that you can properly separate the work, time it and be aware how long will it take and how frequently will breaks be necessary in order for those helping you to rest occasionally. Planning is to a large extent a question of physical capabilities and you need to measure it all very well. Plus, planning is nothing set in stone so you need to be familiar with the plan so well that you actually manage to fix it, change it if the circumstances require it.

First of all, you have to begin with planning the packing. Estimate how many people you will have helping you. Then estimate if it will be possible for you to pack several rooms at the time-if you have enough people that would be great. Before that however make sure that you spare enough days for the purchase of all the packaging, protective and boxing material. Furthermore, you need to assign the particular tasks, spare enough time for each and every one of them which will naturally depend upon the size of the room, the number of the possessions that will need to be packed, the difficulty of the possessions to be packed and the number of people that will be helping.

Remember that the number of people doesn’t affect the rest. Everybody’s resting at the same time but when they are working together they will be working better, faster and harder. Managing to find people to help you will be a great move and great success if it is eventually done. When it comes down to assigning the appropriate time remember that you need to have break which is at least four times shorter than the period of work if we are talking about a regularly timed removal. Depending on how much time you have spared for the entire packing process you could actually have breaks as long as the working or longer.

Furthermore, you need to be well aware of the physical condition of everyone and what everyone is capable of doing. Depending on a person’s particular strengths or physical drawbacks and problems you will have to adjust the working rate and the breaks appropriately. Furthermore, you might need to take out one person from the working process if feeling too tired and increase the working rate for the rest of them by making this taken out person to provide bigger comforts for the working people throughout the break like for instance making food. The point of adjustable planning is to achieve in the end not simply the same results but also in the same amount of time because with a removal of any kind it is time that is very important and naturally it can’t be restored or compensated for in any way.

All in all, planning your packing process is not complicated and not stressful, especially if you have people helping you. The point is to use what you got in the smartest and most effective way possible.

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Guest Post: Viewing Your Home: Is It Clutter or Trash?

There are many people in the world who have homes that seem like they are filled to the brim with trash. While at first glance you may think these people are messy, you need to take a closer look as to what is creating the mess in the first place. Many times, the home may look like a trash heap when in fact it is all usable and valuable goods. The problem is, people don’t have room for these goods and it creates a cluttered look to the home reminiscent of a Wal-Mart explosion. How can you tell if something is trash or clutter?

1. Notepads/Paper – Paper products can make a huge mess as a great deal of these have important information on them. However, do they need to be stacked in a corner of your desk waiting to spill onto the floor? By using a box and a scanner device such as a NeatDesk, you can save all of the information on these papers to your computer and store the actual documents if they’re important. Since thousands of pages can easily be stored using very little space, you can move them into a storage unit for safe keeping while leaving room for other goods.

2. Clothing – Some of us have more clothes than we have closet space for. We look at something that is too small and think to ourselves, “just another five pounds.” Although we have intentions of losing the weight and being able to fit in these clothes, we need to be realistic. Putting clothes in storage doesn’t mean that we’ll never be able to wear them again. It just allows us to organize our life better. If those extra five pounds are gone, simply go to the unit and retrieve your clothing.

3. Partially Fixed – Some furniture can be brought back from the brink of total destruction. Although we may have good intentions of putting more life into the damaged recliner, are we really going to fix it within the next few days? If something is salvageable, you don’t need to hurl it in the trash if you truly want to repair the piece. In fact, you may be able to fix the item while it’s in a storage unit which reduces the mess you would have made in the home. Otherwise, you risk further damage to the piece of furniture especially if you have children. Either fix it immediately or store it safely in a unit if you are currently too busy.

4. Old Electronics – As technology advances, items we once used on a regular basis are starting to collect dust. Some of these goods could have an emotional attachment to them and you really can’t bring yourself to throw them away or sell them at a yard sale. For these goods, a storage unit is a way to keep them out of your way in the home but still in your possession. There is no reason to throw away your grandfather’s old record player as it could have a great deal of sentimental attachment.

Storage units are a great way to keep your valuables and keepsakes from turning your home into a mess. By moving these items into a storage unit, you can protect them from accidental breakage. A cluttered home can be dangerous for fragile valuables and personal health. You don’t have to get rid of your personal belongings in order to keep a tidy home. You just need to realize what essentials you need and store the rest.

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Guest Post: Moving Home Removals

Moving Home? These are our top tips for packing and moving your things safely.

Moving home can be one of the most stressful times that a person can go through. Packing and moving your belongings is often the main reason for this. These are our top tips for moving home.

Set a date

Things can often get confusing when planning a move. This is why it is important to set dates and stick to them. The last thing you want is to be rushing to get things sorted for a certain date. If you plan in advance you will find that things will run more smoothly and will the chaos surrounding the move will be reduced too. When setting a date bear in mind that the roads are much busier on weekends as well as on bank holidays. When setting your date try planning for a weekday, this should help you to avoid traffic jams and further unnecessary stresses. It is advisable to plan all this as soon as you sign the contacts for the property to allow yourself as much time as possible to get things ready.

Find a reputable moving company

A lot of your things are unlikely to fit in the back of a hatchback, meaning you are going to need a larger vehicle to transport your things. Trusting your valuables with a stranger can be daunting. This is why finding a reliable moving company is important. You want the peace of mind that your things are going to arrive at your new property safely and undamaged. Everyone wants to budget but be careful of resorting to the cheapest option. If things seem too good to be true, they probably are. There are many websites that can give you free impartial advice for removal companies as well as their prices. You can also use this site to choose what part of the service you require, if you don’t need help packing you needn’t pay for it. Also if you know a friend or family who has recently moved home ask them how good or bad their removal company was. The best advice you can get is from someone who has dealt with a company first hand. If the removal company smashed all your friends’ precious china you can assume they aren’t going to take care of your items.
Removal companies may send a person to your property before the move to check the items that need to be moved. It is during this time you need to make them aware of the family heirlooms that need to be kept more secure than the rest of your items. This allows the removal company to make special arrangements for any large or extremely valuable items.

Insure your items

Even the most careful of removal men are unable to prevent things from getting broken in transit. All it takes is hitting a pothole and your ornaments can get smashed. To avoid losing money on valuable items that could potentially get broken it is a good idea to take out insurance. These policies are usually offered by reputable removal companies. There may be certain guidelines you have to stick to in order to get full cover, for example things that you have packed may not be covered for damage. Paying for this service may mean that the removal company pack your valuables more carefully and safely to avoid damage. It may also be worth checking that things you may carry in your own vehicle are covered, as some policies will give cover for items that are being moved, regardless of who is carrying them. Your household insurance may also offer some protection for moving home so it may be worth checking your policy.

The more you plan the less stress you will encounter on the big day. Knowing your belongings are safe and covered for the worst can help to stop you worrying so that you can focus on other things that will need to be done, before, during and after the move.

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Guest Post: Different Types of Self Storage

Different Types Of Self Storage

There are different types of self storage depending on the size and the shape. The most popular ones are mini storage facilities, short and long term units, outdoor and indoor storage. Based on the items you are going to store you can choose the most appropriate type of storage unit to meet your requirements. However, one kind of storage facility can also hold the things suitable for another facility except for the outdoor storage units that are the only ones that can store large vehicles such as boats, cars, even RVs. Indoor storage units are suitable for practically everything – from large pieces of furniture through pieces of equipment and reach to documentation and papers.

Drive up self storage units are another very popular type of storage facilities. The most common thing about these units is that they look like a small garage. As you can guess by the name these units are most suitable for storing vehicles in there. They are not suitable for storing furniture or other valuable items as usually they are not protected against severe weather conditions such as too high temperatures or storms. The best thing about drive up units is the fact that their doors opens the same way as garage doors – it rolls up making the delivery of the items extremely easy. If you find a drive up unit that is protected against climate changes you can store your furniture there as it is extremely easy to simply drive in the transportation vehicle and unload it there. Drive up storage units can be divided in three major types – boat storage facilities, vehicle storage facilities and general drive up self storage.

Drive up self storage is not as secure as other self storage facilities as it can be easily accessed through the rolling door that is why it is not recommendable to store valuables there.

Indoor self storage units are placed inside of a building and might be actually placed on several floors. Most indoor facilities have climate control installed but make sure to double check that when hiring the facility. You do not want to have your things damaged, do you?

Mini storage units are also located in buildings and they are actually the best secured self storage facilities in terms of climate security and climate control. Mini self storage units are the best choice for people who have a lot of valuable things to store that need to be kept in a way to remain undamaged. Indoor self storage is usually the most expensive one. Outdoor self storage units are the cheapest storage facilities. They are suitable for storing small vehicles (usually for one person only such as motorcycles, etc.) and medium size pieces of furniture.


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