Mark from Hilo Scores Big in Kailua-Kona

Today I’m writing to let you know about the last big score I witnessed here in Kailua Kona when a guy named Mark drove all the way over from Hilo to attend a local storage auction with only 6 medium sized repossessed storage lockers up on the chopping block. If memory serves, there was only one 10×10 unit and the rest were even smaller, including the 5×5 Mark eventually walked away with.

However, as this story demonstrates yet again, you never know when it comes to repossessed storage lockers and bigger is not always better. In fact, plenty of times people just get a tiny unit to keep their really valuable belongings safe and sound, meaning you have a better shot at less junk and more profit if you can successfully sniff out these smaller “security-minded” storage lockers.

Either way, when Mark showed up at the auction he was full of enthusiasm and excitement and hoping to score big on one of the larger units right out of the gate. Unfortunately for Mark, the only larger unit did not grab his attention once the door was first thrown open to give all the auction attendees a chance to peer inside. It smelled musty and totally forgotten and something about it just didn’t sit right with him. Repeatedly, he was seen shaking his head with disappointment. Were all of these repossessed storage lockers going to be equally dingy and unappealing? Mark hung in there for the next couple of auction units but still didn’t see anything he felt confident about bidding on.

There was a lot of space in between items, suggesting disorganization and lack of concern on the part of the previous owner. It just wasn’t coming together for Mark and it began to seem as though his long drive had been for naught; just a frustrating waste of gas. When the final 5×5 unit came along, the last repossessed storage locker of the day, Mark decided he was just going to go for it regardless. No one else seemed very impressed once the front door was thrown open:

There were a half dozen document boxes stacked up on top of one another and a small desktop PC tower stood up against one of the walls. Less than half of the space in the tiny unit was even being used by the previous tenant. All the other auction attendees turned up their noses at the final poor showing and most began to trickle out to the parking lot and their cars before the bidding was even finished. All the same, Mark had decided he wasn’t going to leave the auction empty-handed and he finally sealed the deal with a modest $110 bid that no one else felt like challenging. Mark joined the auctioneer and property manager in the front office, settled his bill and set to exploring his now officially repossessed storage locker.

Much to his surprise and excitement, Mark found that the so-called document boxes were not filled with worthless or personal papers at all, but instead all the essential accessories to the PC tower we all saw standing against the wall! Mark marveled as he pulled out a flat screen monitor, an optical mouse, an ergonomic keyboard, several opened but usable software suites featuring photoshop programs and architecture software, and all kinds of yet uninstalled upgrades like sound and video cards!

Mark couldn’t believe his luck as he began loading his car with a perfectly working new computer system that he had scored for only $110. Despite the grim initial auction units, he was one of the lucky ones to leave with a big score that day and had a plenty contented drive back to Hilo.

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