How to manage construction storage

When you are a project manager for a construction company, you have to work against various challenging situations – deadlines that are always lingering near, mindful of legal constraints and managing the various aspects of the team doing the job. A typical day on the site will have a number of materials being moved in and out of the job site. To ensure that the work goes smoothly, you will have to organize things like when to bring the materials on site, where to store them and how to dispose them. Keeping the site organized and bringing only the materials that you need for the ongoing part of the job is a necessary step to remove unnecessary obstacles and make sure your workers have a safe environment to work in. But it is also a good practice to keep the things you will need in your construction work in the near future ready. So where will you put them if not on site?

Hiring self storage units is a great way to keep your materials readily available and in secure storage. Below we explain how contractors can benefit from hiring storage space and why it is increasingly becoming a necessity in the business.
How to manage construction storage
1. Keep the materials available
Each day, your team will be handling different tasks which will require either some new material or more of the same. Procuring supplies daily from the wholesale source will not only be expensive, but also very time consuming. It is better sense to buy in stock and store them in self storage, from where you can take as much as you want, when you need it. If you keep according to the proposed plan, you can anticipate what materials you will need for the next day’s work and it will be easier to get them to the site. This is why you should choose a storage facility close to the project site. This reduces transit times to a great degree and you can be assured that your work can always proceed uninterrupted.
How to manage construction storage2
2. Prepared for unexpected scenarios
As much as you try to stick to your project plan, there are chances that you will face some unexpected scenarios. Some of these may make excess demands on the materials in stock. Any experienced project manager will know that when you are working on a construction project, whether big or small, you will have to make allowances for buying extra materials and keeping them in stock. In case it turns out that your estimate was incorrect and you used up more ingredients, or if some of the material or equipment is damaged for whatever reason or if everything is going fine and you are moving ahead of schedule, all these scenarios will need you to have the required material on the standby and ready to go. Although you cannot always know when and how much extra material you will need, it is always good to have enough in stock so that the work does not come to a halt while you arrange for the deficit amount. The same is true for equipments as well. While your company might already have a storage space for them, keeping them close by along with the materials makes it easy to access them on short notice.

3. Security
Construction material and equipment is very expensive and their worth can run into very large figures. As such, leaving them unguarded with so many people going in and out of the site constantly makes it easy for a few items to be removed. A storage unit is secure and will grant only limited access, making it easier to protect materials and intangible assets.

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Tips on Storing Antiques

Storing antiques can be a hard task, especially when you have conditions that make things difficult as it is without damaging them. The best way to approach this is to make sure you do your best to keep them safe and by using some of the following tips when dealing with antiques:

Keep humidity and temperature in mind
These are the biggest problems your antiques will face, as they can make short work of furniture, paintings and other objects. Never store such items in areas such as basements or attics, as they will likely get damaged in the long run. Storage units with climate controlled environment will be an excellent solution to your problems, as they will allow just the right conditions to store the antiques for extended periods of time. Some facilities will also use a dehumidifier to get things done as well, paired with a central air conditioning to create the perfect conditions.
Tips on Storing Antiques
Transportation tips
You need to keep in mind that transporting antiques will be a risky and tricky business, as most of them will likely have suffered some wear and tear and may be fragile. You need to find a good unit that allows easy access and no chance of damage if you can avoid it. It would be best to ensure your chosen storage locale has an elevator large enough to hold your items if the building has multiple floors.

You must keep in mind that any antiques you have must be insured of you want to avoid a bunch of problems further down the line. Different storage companies will have their own policies, but you would do well to be fully aware of what they are before you jump.
Tips on Storing Antiques2
Careful packing
You must be especially vigilant when it comes to working with paintings, mirrors or any other antique fragile items that need your attention. Wrap them in bubble wrap, blankets or something else to pad them and protect them from dangerous impacts. You can use plastic wrap as well to protect them from scratches and more. On the other hand you should also look for specialized boxes when you need to store items of a particular shape. Make sure you avoid storing any of these items flat, as they will only get damaged if something lands on them or they may collapse under the weight of something else. Cover all your furniture with a special protection such as sheeting or bags. Storage companies will often offer heavy duty versions of such items as well.

Keeping your inventory in check
This is one last, but very important step, as it will allow you understand the exact condition of the items you plan on storing and where they are. You must point out any damages or other smaller details you have on your antiques and use them to understand what you need to do to keep them safe. Once that is done and you have a good inventory list, then you will have what you need to make it happen.

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Mobile storage versus self storage

When you think of a traditional storage facility, the first thing you think of is the typical self storage firm. Mobile storage, a less hassle option has still much to do to catch up with the popularity of self storage facilities but it is doing well to establish itself in the industry. What mobile self storage firms do differently is that they will deliver the unit directly to you. This means that you only have to load your items in the container once, at your doorstep and then unload it once only, when you have the items delivered to you post-storage. After you have finished loading the unit, the company will take it from your driveway and put it in secure storage until you need it again. Obviously, this service is better than traditional storage for the customer since the storage units are delivered to your doorstep and you don’t have to carry your stuff to the facility and load and unload it several times.
Mobile storage versus self storage
With mobile storage, going about arranging a self storage unit is very easy. You choose a size according to the volume of stuff you need to be stored; there are estimation tools available online or someone from the company can help you guess a size. Once you have done that, the company will have a portable storage unit delivered to the address you want. You can keep it there for as long as it takes you to load it, then when you are ready, call the company again and they will send a trailer to pick it up and take it to the storage space in their warehouse, where it will be stored securely for you. This will save you a lot of time, effort and money than when you had to hire trucks and trailers and move the stuff yourself out of your home and into the storage unit in one day.
Mobile storage versus self storage2
Going for mobile storage is also an economically wise decision, since you save a lot on extra transport costs. The drivers of the trailers that deliver and pick up the units are removals expert and can advise you on how to pack the unit efficiently so that all your things can fit in. They might occasionally even help you get that one or two bulky items in the container. When it comes to accessing your property while in storage, there is no difference between what either kind of storage service allows. The accessibility timings are dependent on company policies, but they mostly keep normal operational hours. Although, some firms might require you to give prior notice so that they can have your unit transported to the access bay.

However, there are certain limitations to hiring this service. In order to have a storage unit delivered to your address, you must have a driveway or lawn where you can place it until you are done packing the unit. This is not a feasible option for someone who is living in an apartment. If you don’t have much to load then it could be possible to arrange for the company to collect the unit the same day, as they deliver, but you still have to arrange to have it parked somewhere for a few hours at least. Getting permits from councils for placing these containers on the side walk can be a bit of a hassle. Some mobile storage facilities might not offer you options in size, which means that you might end up paying for space that you won’t use or overstuff the small unit they send you. This is why you have to ensure whether it would make sense to hire one big unit or two smaller ones. Also, weather and traffic crisis might affect the availability of the service as well.

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Self -Storage in the Winter

Winter is here and you are still wondering what to do with the items that you don’t need in the colder period? From surfboards to tents and barbeques, you surely need to keep your items well stored. There are few tips to preserve your belongings until the next summer.
The first thing you need to consider is whether there is an object that can be easily damaged by the cold. Fragile belongings and items that contain liquids or chemicals are more susceptible to the winter conditions. They might freeze and break. The glass can crack when in contact with cold air. Even plastic is not safe, as it becomes very brittle during this period.
Self -Storage in The Winter
Therefore insulation should take primary role in the self – storage process. Don’t simply wrap your belongings in paper. Old linens, cloths and even clothes are more efficient. The natural fabrics will preserve a constant temperature, while permitting certain ventilation. The latter is very important if you want to avoid the evolvement of mould. Another benefit of this method is that it will reduce the risk of inadvertent damage.
There are items that are difficult to store such as surfboards and paddle boards, because they take space. Storage facilities are ideal for this purpose. Don’t forget to clean and take care of your belongings before putting them away. Remove the dust and rinse them. If you are dealing with furniture, you might consider giving it a good polish. Make sure the stuff is dry, before wrapping and putting in the storage facility. Otherwise you will enhance the chance of freezing. If you keep the package of a certain items, it is better to keep it there.
If any repairs are needed, now is the right time. Take care of any damages before placing anything to the storage. When the winter period ends, your items will be ready to use.
Self -Storage in The Winter2
Lawn mower is surely one of the things that you will not use in the winter. This appliance should also go in the storage unit. Don’t forget to empty the gas tank. This applies for the household engine equipment that you don’t plan to use during the colder period. The reason behind this necessity is ethanol that can be found in the gas nowadays. The chemical will eat up the carburettor. In the end, you will need to spend extra money for repairing or a new device.
Oxidation is also not unusual for this time of the year. To prevent it, you should polish the metal surfaces on the furnishing, particularly if they are made of silver, nickel or brass. Plastic sheeting and shrink wrap are the most appropriate way to protect them from the environmental conditions. Precious metals like gold and silver should be kept away from the cold air.
A storage facility with controlled climate conditions is ideal for keeping expensive and valuable items. Pick a unit that is insulated because it will require less energy to maintain the needed indoors conditions. It will also serve as a barrier from the moist.

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How To Make The Most of Your Storage Space

Are you moving house or taking some time out to decorate your existing home? Then you may decide to hire a self storage unit or man and van hire while you get everything organised. If you do, then you will want to make sure that you are getting the best value for money you can and that you are paying for the smallest storage space that you can get. Many people find it difficult to visualise just how much room their furniture or other household items will take up in a storage unit and end up hiring something that is far bigger than what they need. Some storage companies can help with this and can often estimate how much room you will need based on a description of your goods. However, if you want to make sure that your items take up as little room as possible then you may want to check out the handy pre-storage packing tips below;
How To Make The Most of Your Storage Space
Dismantle, Dismantle, Dismantle – If you want to be able to hire the smallest storage unit you can find then dis-assembling any furniture that you have will reduce the amount of room which it takes up. So if you’re decorating your dining room and need to move everything out then make sure you take the table and chairs apart first. Remember that clearly labelling screws and other assembly parts in separate bags can help you when it comes to putting them back together!

Don’t Leave Any Empty Spaces – If you have dismantled your dresser then don’t just leave the draws sitting empty. Make sure that each draw is filled full of any light furnishings which you need to move so that no space is wasted. If you have a dresser which you cannot dismantle then remember to remove the draws for the journey but to put them back in at the storage unit so that they take up less room.
How To Make The Most of Your Storage Space2
Have A Clear Out – Many people move things into storage only to realise later down the line that they didn’t actually need them. So before you fork out for an expensive storage unit it can be worth having a sort out first. If there are books, DVD’s, CD’s or old pieces of furniture that you don’t actually need to keep anymore then why not give them to charity or sell them online instead. This doesn’t only save you on your storage costs or man and van service but it can also help you to raise money for charity or for your own household fund.

Use The Right Packing Materials – When you’re paying for a storage unit you often don’t want to pay any extra for expensive packing materials as well. However, making sure that you have suitably-sized boxes or other packing aids can actually help you to reduce the storage space that you need. Special bags which enable you to vacuum-pack soft furnishings can really help if you’re looking store a lot of clothes, cushions, curtains or duvets.

Fill Those Boxes! – Some people don’t fill their storage boxes to the top in case the boxes break or become too heavy to be moved. For this purpose use a van hire. However, if you use sturdy storage boxes and a bit of thought when you’re packing things up then you should have nothing to worry about. Remember to pack heavy things in the bottom of the boxes and to top them with lighter items to ensure the box isn’t too heavy to lift. If you don’t have the best quality boxes then remember to use plenty of packing tape to try and stop them from breaking along the way.

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How Storage Can Keep Your Customers Impressed

Research suggests that image is key in the business world. As a result, it is imperative that shops and offices make a positive impression on clients and customers at all times. To help with this, businesses should consider investing in a self storage unit which can help to keep offices and retail outlets looking shipshape. Without this, your retail space or office floor may become a conduit for negativity and diminishing sales.
Self storage units are not only a cheap and easy way of tidying up your office they are also a great way of influencing your customers with a positive first impression. No one wants to deal with a company that is untidy and disorganised, that is why you should find a new home for those old files, unsightly filing cabinets or out of season stock. Unfortunately more often than not you will need to keep hold of some of that old information and that is where a storage unit can really help. By moving any of your old files or stock into a storage unit you can instantly make your office or shop look more organised for clients and customers alike. Remember though, it is important that you don’t move something into storage that you are likely to need as this can make you look unprofessional during a consultation or sale.
How Storage Can Keep your Customers Impressed
As well as helping you to improve the presentation of your office or retail space, cleaning up your business premises can also have a positive impact on your employee morale. Workers respond to the environment in which they work in, therefore if you can make your office chic, sleek and organised they are also more to likely to introduce this into their working practices. A well-organised office can also help your workers to feel less stressed and more confident about the future of the company, making them more approachable to customers and a better presentation of your company image. So if you want your employees to tell customers about your positive business practices or product offerings make sure that they are also in an environment which makes them believe what they’re saying. Using storage rooms and lockers can help you to keep your offices and shops de-cluttered and are therefore a great way of keeping your customers impressed.
How Storage Can Keep your Customers Impressed2
Some business will find the extra space which a storage unit gives them an invaluable source of flexibility in their product offering. Shops in particular will find that they no longer need to keep piles of un-needed stock in store and that they can take advantage of cheap bulk offers without over-filling their shelves. Whilst self storage units obviously come at a price, the benefits which they offer can sometimes prove to outweigh their financial cost. So if you want to make sure that your customers are impressed with your fully-stocked and fresh shop display then having a storage room for your additional products can be invaluable. Similarly, if you are sales rep who is out on the road then having somewhere clean and dry to store your sample stock is imperative if you are to make the right impression during your sales presentation.
So if you thought that storage facilities were only useful for storing old or unwanted items then think again. When properly used, storage units can help to improve your customers experience on a number of levels; boosting your company presentation, your employee morale and your overall product offering.

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Why Your Business Files May Be Safer In A Storage Site

Does your office have a lot of confidential and sensitive customer files in filing cabinets or old-fashioned safes? If so, you may be concerned about what would happen if your office was ever broken into or damaged. If you haven’t got time to create electronic copies of these files then you may want to consider moving them off site to a secure storage site instead. This can not only help to keep your items safe but it can also be an imperative step in protecting your business future. If you’ve never considered it before then why not take a look at how some reputable firms may be able to help.
Why Your Business Files May Be Safer In A Storage Site
Enhanced Security
If you’re looking to ensure the safety of your confidential files then good storage sites should all have excellent security measures which are designed specifically to keep your items safe. There should be modern alarms, strict entry guidelines and sturdy locks, along with surveillance systems and trained security personnel. All of these things combined should ensure the absolute safety of your items and should give them the level of protection that you need for your future business success. In a storage site you should never have to be concerned that your files are at risk of theft and you should never have to be concerned that they will get lost amongst the melee of your other office paperwork.
Well-Maintained Storage Spaces
Professional storage facilities should also provide you with a more reliable space in which to store your valuable business items. These storage units and rooms should be clean, dry and well-maintained ensuring that your files remain in a pristine condition at all times. This not only protects them from deterioration or damp but also from the dangers of a badly-maintained office block. So if you’ve been keeping your files in a dusty, damp or unsuitable room, you may find that your paperwork has deteriorated or become damaged. To stop this from happening to anymore why not put them into a self storage unit instead.
Why Your Business Files May Be Safer In A Storage Site2
Surveillance Teams
As well as having excellent security procedures, secure storage facilities will often have experienced surveillance teams who will monitor the storage units 24/7. This intense surveillance helps to deter possible thieves and helps to ensure the safety of your business files. Unless you employ a security officer then you are unlikely to have the same level of protection on your business premises.
State-of-the-art Locking Devices
Most storage units will come with a sturdy locking mechanism or a state-of-the-art electronic device. This locking device should be completely unique to you and should not have the same key or password as any previous users. Unlike normal door locks, these mechanisms will be difficult to hack or break into and should never put your confidential files at risk. If you currently keep your files in flimsy filing cabinets or simple removal boxes this helps to ensure that no employees, customers or other stakeholders can get hold of information that they should not have.
Despite these benefits, it is important that you make sure that the firm you are hiring is a reliable and reputable firm. Not every storage company has state-of-the-art facilities and enhanced security procedures, so always check the quality of the service that you will be receiving first. If you don’t, you may find that your confidential customer files were safer where they started.

How To Know Which Storage Option Is Right For You

Knowing which storage solution to pick can be difficult especially if you’ve never used a secure storage facility before. There are an array of different self storage units, storage rooms and mobile storage options to pick from and very little which you can base your decision on. As a result, many households and businesses end up paying for additional storage space or services that they don’t really need. So before you go ahead and pick your storage package make sure you take the time to consider the size, transport and flexibility factors which affect your storage needs.
How To Know Which Storage Option Is Right For You
1. Size
There are many different size storage options out there which can be used for a wide variety of storage needs. Storage lockers are ideal for keeping important documents, valuable jewellery of sentimental photos. Storage units tend to be a bit bigger and can store a small amount of furniture or other household items. If you have a lot of things to store then storage rooms may be more suitable as these tend to be the largest options. But remember that not every storage facility has the same size storage units and rooms so make sure you check what measurements your unit or room is before you sign up.
How To Know Which Storage Option Is Right For You
Before you pick a storage package it is important that you get a good understanding of exactly how much space you are going to need. You could also use man and van services to help you load your luggage. There is no point in paying for a large storage room when all you need is a reasonably-sized storage unit. To help with this, try to visualise everything that you want to store in one small space. If you find it hard to imagine it all then some storage companies will be able to estimate what sort of option is right for you off a description of your goods. Remember to try and condense everything that you’ve got before you decide on a storage option so that you’re never paying for anything more than you actually need.
2. Transport
If you’re moving things into a secure storage site then unless you have your own van or truck you may need to organise some additional transport or man with van assistance. If you’re only moving a few small items then it probably won’t be an issue but if you are moving a large amount of things then it can cost you an arm and leg before you’ve even got it to the storage site. In these instances, you may want to consider opting for a mobile storage package which includes the delivery and collection of a storage unit to and from your home. This unit can then be filled quickly, especially if you use man with a van service and efficiently without you ever needing to organise or pay for additional transport costs.
3. Flexibility
Remember that when you’re choosing a storage package you need to check what it is that you’re signing up for. Do you retain easy access to your items or can you only access them by appointment? And is there a cancellation charge if you want to take your items out early? Many storage sites now offer 24 hour access to their self storage units and have a variety of long and short-term deals. So if you’re not sure how long you’re going to need a room and man and van hire for then make sure you get a flexible package with no cancellation fees. On the other hand, if you know you’re going to need your unit for a long period of time then try to get yourself a discounted storage rate. There is no point in paying over the odds for something that you don’t need.

How to find your optimum self-storage facility

Self-storage is growing in popularity across the UK, which is why we’ve compiled a list of tips and hints to help you select the right storage facility to meet all your needs! Regardless of whether you’re confined by a budget, or you need a storage unit that’s close to your home or office, these notions will surely help those of you embarking on the idea of self-storage for the first time!

When hiring storage facilities you need to make sure the storage services you want are catered for. Firstly consider convenience. While self-storage units offer customers the ideal opportunity to de-clutter their home or office and even act as a stop-gap when relocating, make sure the secure storage is located close by, as you don’t want to be driving for miles every time you need to access an item! This brings me to my next point… flexibility! Enquire with the company about opening times and when you can access your possessions in storage. If you run a business you want to have more regular access to your self-storage room and don’t want to be left in the lurch if you can only gain access at weekends or during the evenings!
How to find your optimum self-storage facility
When you ring up a storage company make sure you are given a written quote on the cost of using self-storage facilities. You don’t want to be presented with any hidden or surprise costs once you’ve hired that much needed storage space. Once you’ve received the full self-storage prices, then you can do the maths and calculate what is affordable to you. Also don’t settle for the first house removals and storage company you speak to. Ring around to hear quotes for the use of storage facilities in your area!
How to find your optimum self-storage facility2
There are so many rogue companies out there, trying to earn a fast buck and perhaps leave you high and dry! So make sure the storage company you hire is reputable in every sense of the word. Remember these are your valuables we’re talking about, so you’ll want to be sure of secure storage and a reliable service!

Before even leasing a storage unit, calculate how much space you will actually need. The prices of self-storage units vary, depending on the size, so you won’t want to pay for storage facilities you don’t require! However it’s important to remember that if you will need regular access to your belongings in storage, to lease a storage room or unit that is large enough to have a corridor between rows of your belongings.

It is also a good idea to check out the storage unit before committing to it. Look out for whether or not is in good condition and sealed as well as clean and tidy. Secure storage is probably customers’ prime concern when storing their valuables and possessions outside of their home or office. Consider the storage facilities’ security. Is there a security fence, CCTV and round the clock security? If yes, then you’ve probably nothing to worry about and all your belongings should be more than safe!

To find that perfect self-storage solution why not have a look online. Remember that anyone can set up a website so make sure to call the company and visit their storage facilities. Another good way to find a reputable company is via word-of-mouth. If you know of anyone who’s used self-storage space recently why not ask them if they’re satisfied with the service. You don’t really want to learn via trial and error when it comes to self-storage rooms!


Self-storage – a must have for students

Students are constantly on the move, and very rarely stay in one place for too long, whether it’s in halls of residence or shared accommodation with fellow students and friends! This is why students nearly always lease self-storage units, so they can keep their belongings safe while they are in between a move, or going home at the end of term. Graduates often also choose to hire self-storage facilities while they search for new accommodation and realise there’s no room for their belongings at their parents’ house! It is for this reason that we’ve compiled a few guidelines to help students when leasing storage space.
Self-storage – a must have for students
Before storing your possessions you’ll need to pack them up and since you’re sorting through all your belongings, this could be the perfect time to rid yourself of old books you no longer need or clothes you wouldn’t be seen dead in again! If you’re torn between chucking something out and keeping it, throw it out! It’s likely you won’t want it in the long run and by donating to charities you could really be helping somebody else – not to mention saving yourself on storage prices!

If you’re going to use packing boxes (which is advisable) make sure the boxes are sturdy and won’t buckle under the weight of books, clothes and shoes! Purchase some heavy-duty brown packing tape and really tape those boxes up tightly! Pack your boxes by evenly distributing weight and fill those boxes to capacity, buy make sure they aren’t bulging or too heavy to lift! Remember to label all your boxes so you know what you’re looking for in your Clapham storage room.
Self-storage – a must have for students2
Now once you’ve packed everything up, you can then have a rough idea of how much storage space you’ll require. Self-storage units come in all sizes, but remember the less you want to store, the less self-storage will set you back! There is also the idea of pooling your items together with friends and sharing a self-storage unit. This could save you some money!

As a student you may not have your own form of transport so why not consider leasing a mobile self-storage unit! This is an absolutely perfect storage solution for those without cars! A self-storage unit will be brought directly to your location, where you can pack it with your boxes and once you’re done, it will then be driven to the storage facility! However if you have a driving license you might want to hire a van and do the transporting yourself and lugging of boxes with the help of friends!

There are various storage options out there, and it’s important to keep your belongings in secure storage so they are not damaged. If you are a student in need of somewhere to store your musical instruments, then it might be worth checking out the storage prices of climate controlled storage facilities! The even temperatures will keep your instruments safe from any damage by humidity or even mildew!

As a student you may very well be entitled to a discount off your self-storage unit, so be sure to enquire before signing a lease agreement. Many storage companies offer students the option of leasing self-storage units on a weekly basis, which is ideal if you only want to store your belongings until term begins again.

There are so many benefits to student self-storage, as it saves you lugging your entire belongings home for the holidays. Choosing a secure storage space near your university or campus will really offer you convenience and give you peace of mind. Many companies near universities offer great deals when it comes to student storage options!