Guest Post: Getting the Best Shipping For Your Auction Goods

It’s amazing the things that people can fit inside a storage unit. Half the fun of winning an auction is finding out what sort of treasures are hidden within. If you recently won an auction you may have found it was filled with more than just old memorabilia — maybe there was a huge tiki head or a big neon beer sign pushed to the back amongst all the boxes and containers.

Your primary concern once you’ve won the auction should be to connect with potential buyers. You don’t want to have to hold on to that replica Civil War cannon or that massive antique bookshelf for too long.

It can be extremely difficult to find a buyer who is willing to come to your home and pick up the item being sold, so when you find your buyer, your work is still not done. Items that have warnings like “buyer must arrange pickup” can be off-putting to a potential buyer so you’ll need to arrange for the item to be shipped.

If you are lucky enough to get paired up with a buyer who is interested in the item you’re selling, a bad shipping rate will dramatically lessen your profit margin.

If you’re looking to get a bulky item on the road to its new owner, look to companies like uShip that can arrange affordable delivery of the most bulky items.

uShip, which figures largely into the new A&E television show Shipping Wars, is a company that allows independent shippers to bid on shipping jobs for everything from animals to cars. This bidding system guarantees that sellers get the best price for their shipping job.

Logan is a guest writer who blogs about auctions and how to procure the best shipping and courier jobs.

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