Guest Post: Packing Heavy Items

Moving home can be an exciting time for anyone. However, if you speak to anyone who has moved home you may find that the joys of being somewhere new and starting the next chapter of your life can be ruined if you hurt yourself whilst trying to re-locate years’ worth of accumulated possession. There are many little tips and tricks you can follow to reduce the risk of bad backs and achy arms so that you can settle in to your new home pain free.

Start early

Starting early is the key to any home move. The task will always be bigger and more time consuming than you expect, regardless of how well organised you are or how much you’ve planned it out. If you start early you minimise the risk of panic packing last minute which often results in over filled boxes. Rushing to get everything packed and loaded frequently ends in little concern being taken when lifting and carrying boxes and this can take its toll on your body. Start early, pack smart and minimise the last minute rush!


When moving home it’s a case of less is best when sorting through clothes and household items but this is not the attitude you should take when it comes to the boxes you’ll be using when you move. Whether you get them from a supermarket, recycle gadget boxes or buy them from a packing firm it is always best to over-prepare. That way you minimise the temptation to over-fill boxes if you run out and thus reducing the weight of each individual box. If you have a lot of heavy items such as kitchen ware and books you’ll need more boxes to spread the weight. It’s always best to get a variety of different sized boxes as it allows you to use the larger boxes for lighter more bulky items leaving the smaller boxes for heavier items therefore making sure they aren’t too heavy to lift.  If you are on a tight budget many packing box companies offer to buy back any unused boxes you have bought from them.

Use what you already have

A key trick to helping minimise bulk and weight is utilising any luggage you already have. Suitcases take up a lot of space however the ones with wheels are a great solution when it comes to packing up heavier items. Due to the shape they are perfect for books, DVDs and picture frames. The wheels mean they are easy to transport even when heavy. However, make sure you can still lift them safely so that getting them in and out of the van isn’t dangerous.

Bundle your books

Books and papers are heavy when in bulk lots and because they fit so well in to boxes they are one of the most common items that people over pack. If you are worried about the weight of your boxes or struggling to find enough boxes to pack your items in, leave the books out and bundle them. By tying them together with string you can keep them in manageable, easy to lift chunks, therefore minimising the risk to your back when loading and unloading. Bundling them with string also means it’s easier to locate a specific book once you’ve moved as they aren’t hidden away in a sea of brown cardboard. This is especially useful when packing important work or study books and papers as it minimises the need to rummage through boxes cursing when you realise you need a book or document.



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