Guest Post: Moving Home – Essential Packing Goods for Moving

Moving home is one of the most stressful things you can do. All the organisation and planning that goes into it can cause a real headache. The act of moving home basically involves TWO aspects, packing and moving. Unless you pack your belongings and get them ready for moving, they can’t be loaded, carried or transported to their new home.

Before you even look at packing your belongings you should first consider a few things. How will you pack it? How long will it take to pack? What materials will you use to pack your stuff?  A piano and a glass are both delicate items but obviously their packing needs are different. You wouldn’t wrap a piano inside and out with newspaper, but you may do with a glass. Getting the right packaging materials before a move is very important. Where though can you find the packaging you need for a house move?

The one thing 99% of people require for a move is boxes. It’s very rare you will need one box; as you will need many, many boxes. There are many places to get boxes but paying for them can work out very expensive if you have a lot of items to move. Storage companies, removal firms or online sellers, are great places to get good, strong quality moving boxes.  This however can work out to be expensive but there is the great advantage that these can often be flat packed and used again.  If you can store them they will save you money if you are one of those people who relocate frequently.

There is always a more cost effective option for boxes. People get boxes and packaging delivered every day by post or courier. These then get taken to the local tip or recycling point. This is a good place to find boxes. They may need re-taping but a box is a box. Your local recycling point, appliance shops or stores, restaurant’s, supermarkets, wine shops and even office blocks are good places to go scouring for boxes. Most retailers will be happy to give you their boxes as they have to pay to have them disposed of.

Online sites like Freecycle or Gumtree may be good places to post a free ad for boxes as most people are happy to get rid of them and don’t want the hassle of recycling them. A message on Facebook, or Twitter, may bring in replies of kind folk with boxes.

As mentioned before newspapers are a good moving tool. Wrapping goods, lining boxes or taping around the end of table and chair legs, newspapers can come in very handy. Newspapers are cheap, sometimes get delivered to your door for free and are easily located at recycling centres. Bubble wrap is also valuable when it comes to wrapping delicate’s. Ordering online can get you good bulk bubble wrap discounts, or local removal firms may stock it. Discount stores also sell reasonably priced bubble wrap.

The problem with moving furniture is that most pieces of furniture are often rather large, heavy and easily scratched or damaged. If you are not using a removals company you will need your own coverings and cushioning before and during transit. Bed sheets and old duvets are always helpful in this situation so don’t donate them or throw them away if a move is on the cards. If you have don’t have any on hand, asking friends or family may get you what you need. Charity shops also get a lot of bedding donated and it’s hard to re-sell so it’s always worth asking them.

After boxes, without a doubt the number one piece of essential moving equipment which is most needed is tape. Good quality strong tape will help you with your boxes, bubble and fabric wrapping and newspaper wrapping. You can get great bargains on wrapping tape and other strong tapes online. Pound and discount stores also stock these-it’s always best to get plenty in! Boxes need to be securely taped to ensure safe transit and that your belongings stay in the box, and not on the floor.

If you know you are set to move in the next few months always remember to look out for and keep packaging and boxes as they will be very useful around moving time.


Grace is a housewife and  writer keen on flowers, Italian food and house organizing. You can also enjoy her tips on  Ealing house removals  and suggestions for creating a better home.

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