Guest Post: Different Types of Self Storage

Different Types Of Self Storage

There are different types of self storage depending on the size and the shape. The most popular ones are mini storage facilities, short and long term units, outdoor and indoor storage. Based on the items you are going to store you can choose the most appropriate type of storage unit to meet your requirements. However, one kind of storage facility can also hold the things suitable for another facility except for the outdoor storage units that are the only ones that can store large vehicles such as boats, cars, even RVs. Indoor storage units are suitable for practically everything – from large pieces of furniture through pieces of equipment and reach to documentation and papers.

Drive up self storage units are another very popular type of storage facilities. The most common thing about these units is that they look like a small garage. As you can guess by the name these units are most suitable for storing vehicles in there. They are not suitable for storing furniture or other valuable items as usually they are not protected against severe weather conditions such as too high temperatures or storms. The best thing about drive up units is the fact that their doors opens the same way as garage doors – it rolls up making the delivery of the items extremely easy. If you find a drive up unit that is protected against climate changes you can store your furniture there as it is extremely easy to simply drive in the transportation vehicle and unload it there. Drive up storage units can be divided in three major types – boat storage facilities, vehicle storage facilities and general drive up self storage.

Drive up self storage is not as secure as other self storage facilities as it can be easily accessed through the rolling door that is why it is not recommendable to store valuables there.

Indoor self storage units are placed inside of a building and might be actually placed on several floors. Most indoor facilities have climate control installed but make sure to double check that when hiring the facility. You do not want to have your things damaged, do you?

Mini storage units are also located in buildings and they are actually the best secured self storage facilities in terms of climate security and climate control. Mini self storage units are the best choice for people who have a lot of valuable things to store that need to be kept in a way to remain undamaged. Indoor self storage is usually the most expensive one. Outdoor self storage units are the cheapest storage facilities. They are suitable for storing small vehicles (usually for one person only such as motorcycles, etc.) and medium size pieces of furniture.


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