Guest Post: Benefits and Uses of Self Storage

Who doesn’t want to be able to store easily everything they own? We all buy stuff that we sometimes don’t use and we all need more storage space in our homes. What is the best way to store all your extra items, without cluttering your home? One of the ways is by investing in a private storage unit. It could be the best decision you’ve ever made – an opportunity to declutter your home and ensure complete safety for your belongings. Not everything can be stored at home – some items require special handling and packaging, others require a climate-controlled environment and some are simply too big to store in the garage. The growth in self-storage industry has been significant in the past decade. It’s because more and more people need extra space, while homes are becoming smaller and smaller. Whichever the reason, a storage unit is a great way to keep your precious possessions and have access to them without cluttering your home. Self-storage units can be used in many ways. Here are some of their basic purposes and some modern usages.

  • A convenient back-up plan for a family on the move: Everyone knows how hard relocations are, especially when you end up realizing you own more that you had imagined. Suddenly it seems like mission impossible to pack it all and move it within a reasonable budget. Some of your items will have to be trashed, while others could be recycled. But what should you do with those you’d like to keep, yet won’t be able to accommodate in your future home? Do you simply get rid of them? Not necessarily – you could rent a self-storage unit and save yourself the trouble and the stress. Once you have moved and managed to settle down, you could take the time to figure out what to do with each item – throw it away, sell it or give it to charity.
  • During renovation or remodeling of the house: Yet another convenient usage of self-storage is while you are busy renovating your house and everything is a big mess. People usually take this opportunity to also do a house clearance and get rid of some of the old and unwanted items. Put them in a temporary storage unit, until you decide how to proceed. This way you can focus on the renovation works without getting distracted.
  • For collections: One of the many uses of a self-storage unit is for keeping there various collectables. If you have a hobby that requires lots of equipment, you could easily store it in a climate-controlled unit. You could put shelves inside and make it extremely convenient.
  • Warehouse for small businesses: A storage unit can be the perfect place to store documents, equipment or furniture. It’s safe and easy and you won’t be worried about your inventory.

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