Guest Post: A Removal Company Can Be Hired For An Hour

A van removal service doesn’t have to be hired for an entire afternoon. In fact, a removal van can be chosen for an hour. If you’re moving and don’t have long to do so, this is very convenient. This is because you can move boxes into a new home soon after being given the keys to it.


Just like in other cities in the UK, there are plenty of options to choose from when a removal van  is required. Professional removal companies could be hired or those which help people move in their free time. When searching for a removal company, it is recommended that you spend a long time on doing so. By getting in touch with a removal company via email or telephone and asking about their experience, you can determine which one should be hired. You could even search online for testimonials by previous customers of theirs. It is very important that numerous quotes are obtained. Some removal companies might reduce their prices considerably when a vehicle is hired for a short period of time. By stating how long a vehicle is needed for, an accurate quote will be given.


There are many situations when choosing a house moving van for a short period of time is in your best interests:


–       Furniture

A van doesn’t have to be hired when moving home. This is because it could be chosen for picking up furniture which has been bought online. The cost for delivery which is charged by a furniture retailer could be much more than what a removal man  asks for renting a vehicle for an hour. It is also more convenient too. This is because you won’t have to wait at home for what you’ve ordered to be delivered because you can pick it up yourself.


–       Local tip

If much of your home has been decorated and there is a lot of debris, it should be taken to a local tip. When your car is not very big, it can take a long time to transport debris to a tip. It can even cause damage too. However, a removal van is very convenient. This is because debris can be transported in a single trip. Even if a van is hired for an hour, several trips to a local tip can be done.


–       Job interview

Although it is an extreme example, you could choose a van for getting to a job interview because it is cheaper than public transport. If you’re concerned that you will be late for an important job interview, you could pick up a vehicle from a hire company that has many offices. You could discover that a vehicle can be dropped off in the same city which your interview is being held at. This is because the company it was chosen from has premises there.


–       Test drive

If you want to buy a van but aren’t sure which one should be chosen, you could rent it for a short period of time. A test drive doesn’t last for an hour and can be for about fifteen minutes. When a removal van is hired for an hour, you can test drive and check to see if it is the one which you will then buy. This option is suitable if a vehicle manufacturer does not have a showroom in the city which you live in. Therefore, you can drive multiple vehicles and probably won’t have to pay a lot of money either.


Choosing a removal van on a short term basis is beneficial on many accounts. Why not consider it if you need a vehicle for a couple of hours or just sixty minutes?


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