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Zack Proser’s Storage Auction Kings

Storage Auctions Kings is a knowledge base where everyone is welcome to come and learn about making money off their local storage auctions. These auctions happen right by your home, and, if you’re not already attending them, they’re an untapped resource of wealth.

Zack Proser - Owner of Storage Auctions Kings

My name is Zack Proser. I created this site to share the insights I’ve gained from working as a property manager, processing units for auction and conducting the sales on auction day. I also use this site to share my experiences on a diverse array of topics pertaining to the self storage industry, working as a property manager, storage unit auctions tips and using local storage auctions as a resource for supplemental income.

Attending storage auctions and turning your winnings into profits is fun, exciting and lucrative. With our insider tips and special alerts on local storage auctions in your area, you’ll have an advantage over competing bidders that you can use to turn your small cash investments into serious wealth.

Making money from local storage auctions in your area is possible with a little practice and patience. Like any method of generating extra income that actually works, profiting from local storage auctions takes effort and an investment of both energy and money. Read here for free tips from industry insiders on doubling or tripling your cash!

Why I Started Storage Auctions Kings

Storage Auctions Kings was launched to address a gap in information and knowledge pertaining to the process of self storage auctions, how they occur and the best practices you can follow in order to profit from them. When it became clear that storage auctions were bursting into public awareness, and shows like Auction Kings and Storage Wars demonstrated exactly how exciting the trend was becoming, I launched this site in order to help people unfamiliar with the entire world of storage and storage auctions to understand how things work.

Most people still don’t know that the entire public is welcome to attend storage auctions and bid on the units! There’s no special exclusive buyers list when it comes to self storage facilities auctioning off repossessed lockers. Even still, most people have never even rented a storage locker, let alone try to go about buying them and somehow profiting off them.

I hope you will find my site to be a helpful and insightful resource as regards storage auctions. Whether you’re simply curious what all the fuss is about or you are serious about learning the auction master’s secrets and building your own business off local storage sales, I’m confident you will find useful information here.

Thanks for reading and good luck!

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